Monday, September 28, 2009

Shut your front door.

Seriously! It is kind of nice to come back and see that I still have ppl who didn't delete me from their google readers! Yay! Haha, I think I got a lil cocky thinking that I would get some hater comments. You gotta be a BIG. HUGE. [GIRTH.] of a deal to get those types of comments. Phew! That was a close one y'all. ;)

Anyways! You guys were such cuteness in your responses. I literally melted with each and every one and was laughing so hard. We are all SUCH craycray, right? Luhuuvvv it.

I was glad you liked the makeup and the shirt! As prev. stated, I cannot hold a candle to Erin and Amez , but I have fun with it, you know? I just figure, what the! Why am I not allowed to feel good? WHO AM I to deny myself the privilege of feeling cute and sassy?! I think it is so important that each of us remember that we must set limits on our self-reflective judgments. Example: Driving to class the other day, I was feeling SO FABULOUS. It was divine and the sun was peaking in, the morning had the precious dew of rain and the breeze of baby autumn leaves and I really felt amaze. Suddenly I was filled with anxiety and self-doubt. And the judgments started to flow. *You met your calorie count yesterday, plz. you have no right to feel so good about yourself --- With all you ate yesterday? You are not focusing. You are being sloppy and messy and you have no point of concentration and you blah-blah-blah-blah-fuck-ing-blah.* And then I realized something: I SPEND SO MUCH TIME WORRYING ABOUT NOT DOING SOMETHING--- Worrying about how best to avoid something. I put so much Energy into avoidance and perfection, that all I do, in reality, is make my focus so small that my entire life comes down to just that- a small, miniscule key-hole world, where I am not living. In situations such as the one mentioned above, we have to be advocates for ourselves. We have to realize that if we do not change how we view our own strengths and our possibilities for achievements, we will NEVER see that those possibilities are even there. This is something I have to coach myself through every. single. day. I am sorry to put this in here, but this is what I am going through right now, and as QUEEN OF FUCKING EVERYTHING told me yesterday, "BE YOU" and "Don't hide who you are." I have spent a long time hiding, both from others and from myself and if I am not honest, I am doing myself a disservice and that shit ain't gonna fly like it used to. So here we are :) *Voilin Concerto over. CUE APPLAUSE!*

[I'm annoying.]

SO, I will TOTES do clothing stuff, makeup stuff, and other fun sheeit. I am kinda irked that I said "fashion" in my video, because I just don't think I am a fashion type person. I have a very clear sense of style that is all my own and I always have. I. LOVE. MY. CLOTHES. THERE! I SAID IT! Like, omg. Love them all and would love to show y'all some of my faves/essentials. Some are hand-me-downs (think Vintage Ralph Lauren Daddy Flannelry) and some are vintage (80's Coach shoulder/saddle), and some are just plain amaze.

What do you want to know about makeup stuff? Would you want me to do tutorials? Show you my favezy products? Tell you what I used for my makeup? TELL ME! TELL ME! I really want you guys to guide me here because it is most fun to do things that others want me to do for them, and plz. Y'all are so important to me I would just love to do anything for you. Mwahz!

Yesterdays EOTD:
WOH. Girlfriend needs to do something with those EYEBROWS! ERIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!

Concealer (Underneath eyes and on lid up to brow bone): Cinema Secrets in PS601S-18 (fave.)
Lid to Brow and Lower Lash Line (bc we did put shadow there with a liner pencil brush) Urban Decay's Primer Potion (great for dry, uber sensitive skin; VERY hydrating
Eyes: Used BOTH Infatuating Rose 6 Shadow Palette (Mac), Vellum (Mac; a reflective white/pearl), and two NYX trio palettes, TEAM SPIRIT and ULTRA CHIC.
-First applied concealer to top and bottom of eye.
-Apply one coat of primer to each eye (gently dab with finger and add to lower lash line)y
-Using an eyeshadow brush (I use Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop in 3/8 of an inch, but any eye shadow brush (in 3/8ths of an inch will work great; this is actually a painting brush. I LOVE IT.), apply shimmery white to lid.
- Take a light/shimmery pink and apply to inner third of eye (close to tear-duct). (Keeping the white clean above ball of eye).
- Take purpley-blue (I used NYX "s spirit": color on far left of trio) and place it in crease (I use a blending brush for this, starting with small circles and then gently working in towards tear duct.).
- Take Deep purple and using a shadowing-contour brush, place in outer "V," by going to the outer corner of eye working shadow down to lash line at 45 degrees and back to corner and work 1/3 of the way in along your crease drawing shadow up (following curve of brow bone but keeping brush along the crease.)
-BLEND blend blend!
- Take a clean shadow brush and use a highlight (I use NYX 02 "White), and apply to brow bone and underneath outer corner as well as inner corner).
-Take shadow lining pencil and take same deep purple we used in outer "V" and line the top 1/3 (upper) lash line and connect it to outer corner/quarter of lower lash line.
-Take a light shimmery purple and line inner lash line of top and bottom.
-Take sparkly silver shadow and place in tear duct and inner crease line (2/3rds way in).
- Take liquid liner (I use NYX "Jet Black" Felt Tip Liner) and place upper lash line (from outside corner of eyeball to outer wing).
- Take boom-boom mascara (I use Lancome Fatale for drama-mama!) and apply to TOP only going thicker on outer lashes.
-I use a light pink Creme Sheen glass from Mac for my lips (not to overpower eyes) in "Fashion Scoop".

WOW. That was so confusing, I'm sure. And it is really easy! I will do a tutorial to make it clearer if y'all want!

Love you!


VeggieGirl said...

Amen to focusing on your needs and doing what works for you - hugs, Julz!!

YAAAAAY more makeup expertise - love it :)

Mara said...

HOW did you know that you needed to start posting eye makeup stuff JUST as I'm starting to practice doing my own makeup for my wedding?! THANKS DARLIN!!!

Jenny said...

J bay bay you totes deserve to feel like zeee gorgeous goddess that you are :)

amy. said...

Omg doll love, PLEASE, I am so glad you embraced your inner makeup artist and showed us the goods. I love you so much and seeing you happy (or at least doing something you enjoy) makes me smile :D You deserve to feel free and loved and loving and passionate. All of that. Because your spirit and soul and person = perfection.

Love the eye of the day! Will you do my makeup when I come home? Pretty please!? And then we'll go out to a club or bar in the city. RIGHT.

:D <3 MUAH.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love you mama.
Your eyes look incredz. I'll do your brows and you do my shadows, right right?!
So glad you could access the voice of the QUEEN and silence that BULLSHIT tape that plays in your head. That shit is old and done needa be CHANGE.

Anne said...

hi! long time reader (almost since the beginning!) but first time commenter...
i just wanted to say i think these two thing you said are absolutely brilliant:

"We have to realize that if we do not change how we view our own strengths and our possibilities for achievements, we will NEVER see that those possibilities are even there."

"I have spent a long time hiding, both from others and from myself and if I am not honest, I am doing myself a disservice and that shit ain't gonna fly like it used to."

i'm definitely going to write them down when i'm feeling hopeless. from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!