Monday, September 28, 2009

Vloggy # Dos

Y'all this is so effing long, like 33 minutes plus, so break up the time . Or just skip through it all. I was seeing how and what it would be like to do a makeup tutorial of my everyday shiz, but clearly I need to work on my skillz. Wowee. [It would help, too, to not chase the dog for 15 minutes...)

In this video you will find:
ME WITHOUT MAKEUP (look. out.)
My outfit (comfy)
My low-key everyday makeup
Quite a bit of Random Verbiage :D

Oy. It is so ridiculously long. Will be cutting it down in the future (the videos, that is.)

Lover Y'all! Happy Monday and i hope all the jewbies are enjoying their holiday!


The lookski:





Anonymous said...

Madness! Brilliant madness. And self destruct on GC's wallet. but it's sall good. I wasn't guna be able to stay away from the Youtubes for too much longer. Plus now i got tutorials from sumone I it's like......obvious. Guna be counting my pennies and making some purches soon.

ya kno wut would be cool?
is like a pic and then the name and color next to it.....for both the products and brushes. no one on youtube does that!! and even the youtube make up tutorial peeps that HAVE blogs.

VeggieGirl said...

Seriously, you need to market your makeup skills, girl - Bobbi Brown, WATCH OUT!! :-D

RhodeyGirl said...

So happy you are back Julz! Happy to also see how strong you are. You are a strong woman Julz! Keep it up!

Of course I love the videos. They are so perfect and so you. You are such a sweetheart. Keep up the good work!

I would like to see:
-maybe some ideas on how to put together fun fall outfits?
-any type of art project ur working on
-anything random you want to talk about!

Amanda said...

I've only watched a couple minutes so far but I already know you are a natural on camera! Good job and it's great to have your amazing energy back in the blogosphere.

- Amanda, NY

Anonymous said...

hahahha the Erin face is PRICELESS

Jenny said...

honey, seriously -- you need your own damn reality show. I didn't watch the whole shabang yet but me likey what i've seen so far.. the sweatshirt and jeans = faboosh to tha maxiii.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEE JULZIE my lover sista!!!! I was seriously rolling of my microsuede ikea chair at the sight of THREE new posties from u!!!! I love u so much and I can't wait to watch your vids in the wee hours of the morn when my roommate is shweeping...;D I love u so much you are beautious!!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

I just discovered that you are BACK!! YAY, I love you (and your blog, of course) and I am so happy here to see you back in action.

Julz, you are so gorgeous (inside and out). You deserve to feel gorgeous, noone else can take that away from you :)

Jordan said...

Girl, you are so effin' cute! I love you! hahhaha. <3

amy. said...

Sorry I just got around to watching this vid. Actually, by length, it's technically a full half hour television show. HA! I love you, buddha, kiehls, your SKILLZ, your beauty, your face...AND WOW your skin is flawless. YOU are flawless.

You crack me up. Drug referrence.


Anonymous said...

THAT'S HOW I STORE MY MAKEUP TOO! And I don't have cheekbones either! I'm saving up for some though ;)
I love how you know ALLLLLLL about the contouring and shit. You're SUCH a princess. LOVE. IT. Please don't stop doing these vids! I LOVE THEM!
Buddha roo duda!
Henry does that same trick with his paw. I need to tape it for ya'll!
Blush hides all of our true feelings and any potential health probs too. :)
You are SO pretty.I can't even deal with it! Hardcore!
P.S. I love how you mention me a milz.
P.P.S. Making a purch on ELF right now.
P.P.P.. Just got to the part where you said "someone's getting this in the mail soon." :) I love you hotness.

Anonymous said...

ummmmm I LOVED DA BOOTY SHOT! BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN URRYWHERE! You are Erin are twins, I am serious. Funniest greatest sense of humor and VOCABULARY SKILLAGEZ!!! Love it all, you BeAuTy!