Sunday, July 20, 2008



Yes, loverbunnies, I DO realize I've already made that adoration somewhat public, but here's the deal: I HAVE SOME NEW READERS!!!!

So let's give 'em all a GREAT, BIG S + D WELCOME :)

*** Claps hands and waaaves to everyone ***

Y'all don't understand how much these things just thrill me to the gills (okay, end of cheesie-marathon... psshhh, yeah RIGHT.)!

IF YOU'RE A READER, OR JUST A PASSERBY, OR ANYONE WHO HAS UNFORTUNATELY FOUND MY BLOG INSTEAD OF WA (Watermelons Anonymous), leave me a comment and say hi anyway! I love to have newbies!


Anyways, as previously mentioned in a past blog post, I adore my Lactaid Pills more than words can say! Because I can indulge in my faaave Greek Yogurts without the nasty side effects! Now mind you, I do have to go for 4 of the EXTRA STRENGTH CHEWABLES, but honestly, I couldn't care less! (And yes, my doctor said 4 is A.OK.)

But being the Greek-Yogurt Obsessed GAL that I am, combined with being SUPER greatful that I AM still able to enjoy the splendor of such a cool, thick, and creamy delicacy, I went on the search for other brands!

AND THUS, In the spirit of Our Cutie Patootie, Miss Emma ...


***Silence... Crickets chirp in the distance***


Trader Joe's : WE HEART TJ's. Seriously, we do! The staff is adorable, their products ROCK and they have some KICK BUTT GREEK YOGURT ! (Unfortunately, I was not-so-thrilled with their Soy Yogurt... Had to try it for my Vegan Girls out there!!!)

Sorry It's backwards! I took it on with my Photobooth (MAC USERS UNITE!) because I am charging my camera!

Photo 13.jpg

At 120 kcals per serving (1 cup, 8 oz.), with a whopping 22 grams of Protein, the nutritional stats are out of this world! (More protein than Fage's !

But how does it taste you ask: D.I.V.I.N.E! Seriously, kids, get yo omnivorous tushies (Veg's, get yo booties out there and buy some yummy WholeSoy if you don't have it in your fridge! Yes, go right now!) out there and buy this yogurt! Cheaper than Fage's and nearly just as delicious (I like the slightly tangier taste of Fage, more, personally)! It's a S.T.E.A.L!


I NEED TO SEND A HUGE "HI, HELLO, AND THANKYOU!!!" TO TIFFANY GRAY over at Chobani for sending me a BOX FOR SAMPLING! This was SO cool! I'd never been sent anything like that, before, and after failing to find Chobani Yogurts anywhere around Philadelphia, she was kind enough to send me some! THANKS TIFFANY!

I was immediately hit with the delicate smells of Fresh Blueberries!!! That's because, unfortunately, one of my blueberry yogurts had opened! I quickly disposed of the little guy (sorry, fella!)...


... And excitedly returned to check out the rest of my flavors! Weeeeee, just like Christmas!


How cool is that?!


The little ones were very well-behaved for the camera, indeed! :)


REVIEW: Personally, I do not care for sweetened yogurts. It had NOTHING to do with the sugars in them, honestly! I've just never been a fan of sweet yogurts! I like a nice tang to my yogurt, and a refreshing, cool, taste! I tried each of the sweetened ones, though, (my family happily consumed their remains!!!) and I have to say that the smells were D.I.V.I.N.E!!! And there were real pieces of fruit! But for me, there was waaay too much of it. I like to eat fruit with my fage/plain-greek yogurt, but NEVER do I add honey or something to sweeten it. (Just personal pref!)

So yes, fruit is great, but the sweetened, syrup[py] stuff at the bottom? This just had too much of it for me! If you are someone who likes the sweetened yogurts though, I'm sure you'd go GA-GA for these babies! For as I mentioned above, my family members A.D.O.R.E.D. the sweetened ones! Literally, my dad's response after his first mouthful of the peach flavor: "WOW." He is a man who is QUITE difficult to please, especially with his yogurts! (TIFFANY, I'VE NEVER SEE THE MAN HAPPIER haha, thank you! He was in Heaven!)

As for the plain flavor, and after talking to Our Emma about this one, I think the flavor was pretty good! For some reason it tasted a little sweeter to me, but there's no added sugar! As mentioned before, I appreciate a good tang to my yogurt!

[NOTE on "The Tang": This is NOT to be confused with the slightest taste of anything sour! Sour = bad, regardless of whether it's plain or not. If it tastes "sour," feed it to your garbage!]

Nutrition-wise, it's still rockin! The plain, non-fat contains (per 8 oz serving), 140 kcals and 23 grams of Protein! It also contains FIVE active-yogurt cultures (S. Thermaphilus, L.Bulgaricus, L.Acidophilus, Bifidus, and L.Casei), whereas TJ's' contains four (S.Thermophilus, L.Bulgaricus, L.Acidophilus, and Bifidus), and Fage's contains only two (S. Thermaphilus and L.Bulgaricus). I wonder what the difference is with each of these live cultures? Anyone know? (I know that the probiotics are good bacteria that aid the body in absorbing minerals, lowering bad cholesterol, cleaning out the colon, etc... Thanks World's Healthiest Foods !) I'm curious about the individual cultures, though! Lend me your knowledge! hehe

I think this one just had a little less of the tang, which perhaps made it taste a little sweeter... Regardless, it just wasn't as refreshing for me! And after speaking with Miss Emma, I felt that my tasting was not as fair as it could have been, considering that she said it is REALLY THICK AND CREAMY, and mine was rather watery! This I attributed to the length of travel... Though the package was filled with those freezer-keeper things, my yogurts appeared to only be about half full of yogurt, with about another 1/4 of the container filled with liquid!

I hope that, someday, the stores around me carry Chobani, though, because, I sincerely trust Emma's food reviews, and I strongly believe that the length of travel without proper refrigeration caused this to happen! No worries, Chobani, I won't give up on you! We shall meet again, someday :)

What are your favorite Yogurts or Favorite ways to enjoy these yogurts? What are some of your favorite recipes that include your favorite yogurts? Let's chat! I'd LOVE to know!

***Just to mention: I purchased an Oikos Greek Yogurt , at Whole Foods, as well, but my Daddy ate it before I got the chance to do the Product Review! I know the Hottie-Tottie Healthy Ashley posted about loving this yogurt, though! Has anyone else tried it? I'll be sure to include a review this week!***

(Pops and I both adore Greek Yogurt! In fact, we have pretty much the same tastes, in general! We do a lot of the same things, too, actually... Par Example... Do we look alike? hehehe)





A tout à l'heure, Mes Columbes de L'Amour!

Photo 47.jpg

(Please excuse my Sunday Morning Laziness... Complete with PJ's and sans make-up, haha... My apologies, but I wanted to say HI!)



Friday, July 18, 2008


Guys (girls, guy, whatevs),

I am just so sorry about all of this negative energy I've been spewing around recently. It is so NOT me! I don't want to lose ANY of my amazing readers and friends, not a single one of you! I absolutely adore you all and am so grateful and honored that any of you even think to click on my blog! Really, I am!

That being said, I sincerely apologize for this week's postings! I don't know if the art exhibit was or was not real and if all of this is/is not real. I do know, however, that there are certain things TO post about and certain things to NOT post about. Considering I've had so few readers these past few days, I definitely see that the latter is something that I should not be so quick to post about. I HAD TO GET IT OFF OF MY CHEST THOUGH! This week has been a little icy for me, and I'm SO relieved that the weekend is here! I think we all need a little chillaxin time!

I have TONS of new pictures to show you all and NONE of them are negative! And none of my posts will be either! They will be all ME and I will try and be uplifting, I promise :)

I felt as though I needed to just get THIS post up and running, because my biggest fear for this blog is losing the community I've gained since having S + D! My blog = nothing w/o you, and I hope you'll come back and continue to see what my silly (and not negative nancy) self is up to!

Again, I'm sorry if I've offended ANY of you this past week... I would never, intentionally, do that, ever. Love you guys!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


PLEASE HELP!!! I have known about this for about a month now, but did not know that there was a petition until this evening.  I cannot NOT post about this, as I am literally IN TEARS, hysterically, so overwhelmed by the cruelty of this f*cked up piece of worthless shit, who considers starving a poor, innocent dog to his death, "art."  I'm sorry to have to be negative, yet again, but I just signed this petition.  PLEASE HELP AND SIGN IT!!!! PLEASE!

I have no other words.  This just makes me SO upset, I cannot even find anything else to say.  UGH.

(A HUGE THANK YOU to Gluten-Free Vegan, Renee, for bringing this petition to my attention!!!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Volcano Erupts without Warning in Alaska

 Before I step up on my soapbox, I want to put a DISCLAIMER out right now: THIS IS A JULZ = P.M.S./upset/in need of venting/Morning swim didn't help issue/blah blah blah post.  It is not meant to bring anyone down and if you think it may, please refrain from reading... Spank you :).

***** Steps up on quadruple-stacked soapbox[es]*****

Being that I lived on an island last summer that had an active volcano, I've become intrigued by how they erupt, why they erupt, why they stay active, etc etc.  Well, upon checking my inbox this morning, I found a plethora of emails titled "OKMOK CALDERA ERUPTS IN ALASKA WE MUST HELP TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING," all having been sent by my friends on Hawaii. I felt ashamed that I had not been following Kilauea more closely, as she, too, has been showing an increase in her activity.  ONTO OKMOK: Yesterday morning, around 11:45am, the Okmok Caldera crater erupted, sending ashes shooting 50,000 feet high to the nearby fishing port, Dutch Harbor (only 60 miles away).  

I felt as though a brick had dropped into the pit of my stomach.  While I woke up this morning worrying about how low on fruit and fage we were, there were people on Unalaska Island who were worrying about how they were going to get help and more importantly, how they were going to evacuate (families, pets, $, homes, personal belongings, THEIR LIVES).  I feel horrible about this.  THIS IS GLOBAL WARMING, yes, but it is also personally effecting so many families and ANIMALS (yes, I'm one of those people who think about the more helpless and too often abandoned animals).  The pictures are truly heartbreaking and frightening to me.  They show the recent increase in lava flow from Llaima volcano in Chile, Kilauea, and will soon be showing Okmok, too.  
But what can we do about this?  GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES could be H.U.G.E. for our Country's Energy Power Supply (up to 25%).  Sorry to bring politics into my blog, but Senator Obama is the only candidate, of whom I can recall, who's even mentioned the geothermal power supply (during a speech about alternative energy policies in Nevada).  If  there is any proof to Global Warming/Plate Tectonics, it could very well be the recent increase in Volcanic Activity (from all over the world).  I'm sorry but I just had to vent on this.

The pictures of the aftermath from the eruptions in Chile (June, 2008) are devastating, and frightening.  It makes me think about Kona, and her Volcano, Mauna Loa, which happens to be the Largest Volcano on the planet.  It has recently become active again, after being inactive for nearly 2 decades (this due to a volcanic bulge/mass found underneath her summit).  Anyways, it just makes me think, and this eruption of Okmok Caldera caught me by shock.  I feel ignorant and annoyed with myself, because I have been neglecting a situation that is SO important to me.  I'm really disappointed in ME and I feel as though I have let my friends/family in Hawaii down, but even more importantly, I feel as though I could do so much more with my fortunate, FORTUNATE life.  Do you guys ever feel this way??? I have always been someone who worries about situations that are WORLDLY and BIG (bigger than I, personally, can tackle), and I find myself feeling so overwhelmed by said situations, that after spending copious amounts of time fretting over them, I end up pushing them away until I receive emails or notifications from loved ones, reminding me that they don't just "go away."  (Sorry about the longest sentence ever...)

Anyways, I wanted to post more pictures today, but I am really feeling shapoopy from this.  I know that I could do SO much more to help with global warming and instead of "wishing, waiting, wanting, thinking, watching," my goal for myself is to JUST DO.  

*****Steps down from Soapboxes, hides NEGATIVE-NANCY face, RUNS BACK TO COMPUTER*****

Well, now that that is over with, and I sincerely apologize for this if it brought any of you down!  I didn't mean anything of the sort, but figured, 'hey, my blog is for me, right?  My friends are there to support... ' I have to go GROCERY SHOPPING right now, UGHHHH.  

(hehehe, just kidding!) This is something that I KNOW will brighten up my mood.  I put my cranky butt in the pool this morning to swim away my stress, which definitely helped, a lot, but I think this helped even more.  So, thanks for letting me vent to you guys!  And if you'll now excuse me, I have a date with Whole Foods Market and T-JizzleJazzles!  

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Sunday, and again, I'm so sorry if this post brought you down!  If it did, I give you permission to never read my blog again?  Or I can bake you a cookie and send it to you?  I can do birthday parties?  Sweet sixteens?  (Sorry!!!)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Anyone who has followed my blog (LOVE YOU!) knows that if there's one thing I love more than life, it's this baby:


For Though I have only been alive for 20 years, I have caressed MANY... MANY a Watermelon:



Recently, however, I came across a new specimen. As the title says, "Once you go... You never go back!" Well, not quite...

No, it's not black... I've never seen a black watermelon before and to tell you the truth, I'm really not so sure that I'd want to. But I HAVE SEEN, SMELLED, AND CONSUMED THIS:

*** Insert suspenseful music here***

SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB! (ALWAYS before consumption!)

["But Julz," you cry, "that just looks like any old watermelon to me!"]

... Hint ... Hint


INSTANT FRIENDS! (I mean, how could we NOT be?)








The Cradle <3 (Also referred to as the "Watermelon Wagon"... You and me, Mons, baby, you and me! BTW, I know you're just about sphitzing right now...)


BEAUTIFUL BUDDHA CAMERA CASE (I just had to show you!!)




YE [BEAST OF A] MELON KNIFE: MUST BE SERIOUS. (trying SO hard... haha, notice the squeezing of the cheeks)


Just kidding! It's still me guys, see!!??







BUT WHAT DID I SEE??????????????
















YELLOW WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




P7010336.JPGP7010338.JPG(THE KEYS TO THE PERFECT WATERMELON: (1) L.O.V.E. (OBVIOUSLY!!! If you don't love watermelon, how can you expect them to love YOU!) (2) Hollow sound when knocked on (Must pick up for proper knock-age) (3) Base, as seen in the photograph above, must have a flatter shape and oval -shaped white/off-white/yellowish color!)

REVIEW: (In the spirit of Miss Emma!) Umm, there are no words that exist in the English Language (pshh, yeah, big surprise there... ----- Sorry, I digress...) that could ever ATTEMPT to describe this. I'm serious guys. When I bit into my first piece, I starting laughing, that's how amazing it was. Actually it was more of a freakish dance (I refuse to put this on the internet) that I tend to do when consuming a piece of fruit that is SO MIRACULOUS, my body goes into HAPPY OVERDRIVE! Honestly, I screamed for my family to rush to the kitchen! (They all thought I sliced my arm off) And after tasting this baby, they too knew that this was a special moment. We were in the presence of the 8th Wonder of the World.

I will NEVER forget you YELLOW WATERMELON OF LOVE . You were sweeter than the sweetest of honeys, more refreshing than a tall glass of ice water, and more orgasmic than EVEN....

(no, sorry, def not)



Some Eats and Some Fleurs!

As previously mentioned, I have not been taking pictures of my cooking, WHICH IS SO GOSH DARN UNFORTUNATE!!! Basically, I've been conjuring up all sorts of goodies and... GETTING PAID! Yessir, I have been cooking meals for couples and families! It's so much fun! This week I made lots of (DIVINE) Yellow Tomato Gazpacho, with roasted yellow (!!!) and red grape tomatoes, some fage and a tiny drizzle of balsamic reduction, Crabcakes over mixed greens with a peanut vinaigrette, Crispy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps, Smoked Salmon Pizza-Tartlettes, and LOTS AND LOTS of freshly cut fruit and crudite platters! It's been such a blast, I cannot even tell you guys! (Not to jinx ANYTHING, but I'm also in the process of completing my interviews with... Drumroll please...


Tell me that's not SUPER exciting??!?! I am hoping I get the job... It would be as a "retail specialist" for prepared foods/general grocery consultant! (OKAY, now we're changing the topic of conversation because lord help me if I am jinxing myself! Eeep!!)

Anyways, as I stated above, I've been cooking A LOT, and making all sorts of delectable goodies (even more for my family, of course)! Here are some pictures that I managed to snap. Although they leave much to be desired (sorry!), I'll briefly give y'all the LD on those shown!

UN-EFFING-REAL Thai Green Curry!!

(IT WAS REALLY GREEN! Just didn't photograph well... at all... ew, I'm sorry.)

P6030043.JPGThis is my recipe and unfortunately, I didn't write it down! I could smack myself silly for this, but I will definitely be making this soon enough, so I will write EVERYTHING DOWN when I do!!

It contained: Sauteed: Cauliflower, carrots, red onion, fennel, garlic, Lite Coconut Milk, a touch of Coconut Extract, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, A touch of agave, green curry paste, curry powder (the veggies were all sauteed with curry powder, as well), dried cilantro, pureed LeSeur Peas, whole LeSeur Peas, LOTS of cinnamon, some ground cumin, Chicken stock (You could use veggie stock), some glucomannan powder for thickening, nutmeg, lots of cracked black pepper (fresh, obvs), some red pepper flakes, ground cloves... umm.... There was more (I think!?) but I can't remember. Just trust that my mom said: "This is definitely among the best sweet curries I've ever had! "(SHE LIVED IN INDIA/NEPAL!!) BTW, I covered this and cooked it for probably around 2.5-3 hours stove top! Though the veggies were too soft for my liking, the flavors were beyond amazing... I can't wait to get the recipe out!) -PS- Topped with fage = ideal.

However, I find that it is most fun to add your own toppings to dishes such as the one you see above, so...

(Vertical View.)


(Horizontal View.)

P6030062.JPGSauteed Zucchini and Yellow Squash, Green Peas + LeSeur Peas, Sauteed Tofu (everyone devoured this!), sauteed artichoke hearts (mmmm), and these GORGEOUS 16/20 Shrimp that I cooked in a saute pan, as well.

This part was SO fun! The peas were perfection! In the future, I would add in raw zucchini and squash (but cut like spaghetti) rather than sauteed... Just personal preference.

ODD LITTLE NOTE: This is random, sorry! Recently (the above photos are from not-so-recently, I don't have a taste/appetite/desire to eat cooked foods. Like AT ALL. I haven't eaten any meat in quite some time, other than fish that I had and didn't care for. Shrimp = my only "meat" type of food. Cooked veggies have totally been replaced with finely julienned raw veggies that I prefer to eat with a little bit of Whole Foods's Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce. I am EXTREMELY picky about tomato sauce, and tomatoes, in gen. --Always have been, and though I've been eating them by the DOUBLE PINT FULL (great for my reflux... Actually, my reflux hasn't been saying much recently! Maybe I overcame it?? Is this possible?), I only like sweet tomatoes. Cherry Tomatoes = ICK! Grape Tomatoes = L.E.R.V.E. (No, I haven't gotten Salmonella... And no, I have not stopped consuming tomatoes!) Anyways, I don't know why I've been like this, but the only veggies I want to eat cooked are broccoli! Steamed (DOI) = amazing. I ate some with my brekkie yesterday and they were SPECTACULAR! Oh and I also had some asparagus today that were steamed, so maybe I'm completely lying to you. No, I'm not. My taste for raw food has DEF become stronger (Carrots? Just bought my second 5 lb bag of the WEEK. My fave <3)

ODD LITTLE NOTE DEUX: "Tomato Contraversy" = Jalepeno Contraversy? Seems to me like someone invented this to take down Salsa lovers everywhere. BETCH. I love me some salsa!!YOU CAN'T TAKE ME DOWN!!!






A Couple Random Snapshots:

The incredible orchid I picked up for my mommy at PRODUCE JUNCTION for $11.99!! It was HUGE! (5 months old here, too!!) I heart orchids, so!


More Angles!


Last one!

P6030060.JPGTruly breathtaking, in my opinion!

You want more flowers? Here are some!


We love flowers here at my house! My mom is ALWAYS planting, buying, and gawking at flowers... My parents were married inside of the horticultural center, after all!



Y'all know an entire post will be devoted to this beauty <333


Thursday, July 10, 2008

How are the kiddles doing, you ask?

My children have been doing spectacularly well! They much adore their mother being less active (still boot-bound... Will address lata), and have been enjoying each other's company, as well!

As Boo has gotten older (he is now 1), we've noticed, more than ever, some pretty peculiar behaviors. When, for example, someone comes to visit the house, rather than running up to them with a chew toy in mouth, he runs up, tail-a-waggin, and rubs up against them... like a... umm... CAT. Yes, that's right. Buddha has officially become My's "mini-me" and spends much of his time indoors, watching the birds through the windows. He also has taken to Mylo's catnip and though he totally fakes it, we allow him to "trip" right along with Mylo. [Sometime, if you all so desire, I will video record Mylo "on" Catnip. You will NOT be dissapointed. It's WONDERFULLY entertaining!)

Anyways, below are some photos of the kids! Enjoy lovebugs!

The Buddha Bear...Hair quite full, but not out of control... (yet)




See the distinction? Poor little guy, he couldn't see ANYTHING... Can't see what he is sitting on? Oh well, allow me to show you how he "sits" atop my dad's favorite chair... (Quite unusual, no?)


I just adore him <33333


(Snuggled up with Jim)

Now, not too long before the above two photos were taken, Boo's hair got to this point...


Notice the reverse mohawk... Complements of Le Gravity :)

And the other child? Oh, he's been splendid! His hair? Always in order... (Complements of Le Shedding)

Perched atop his bear in his room!


Camera-Ready! Such a beautiful cat, I have <3


Perfect hair, PURRRfect socks! (Wuv the socks!)


Together: (Though they firmly believed each was having his own photoshoot... Shhh! Don't tell them!)


Doing it in segments this time... PLEASE SAVE!!

Okay, so for the sake of saving time aaaand because I want to blog about HERE and NOW, I am going to do a quick photo-recap of my life since we all last spoke!  I don't want to bore any of you, so if this leaves much to be desired, I apologize and will refrain from posting the rest!  I have rewritten this post multiple times today and am getting a tad bit annoyed with blogger... And my flickr account wont connect the two!  How can I upload pictures without having to reorder everything/resave in a new post?!  (I apologize in advance for not having many food pictures on here... I didn't take any at the restaurant because they would have all been of meat on stakes, and I knew that there were one or two (haha) blogging babes who would not be so appreciative of those (Include yours truly in there!)  LOTS MORE PICTURES TO UPLOAD AND LOTS MORE POSTS TO COME! MUST HOP TO <333>

A WONDERFUL 20th Birthday, indeed.

Cris[tin] (Brother's soulmate), S+D, Mommy, Grammy

Tres Generations!

James does this quite often 

Normal and Lovely!

My Daddy and I!

Now with my Beautiful Grandmother

They look so weird here, the picture didn't come out so well, I suppose            (Sorry guys!)

With my flan! (Unfortunately, I don't like flan... So this was the only downer)

Being silly with my dad's specs 

The restaurant was Fogo de Chao and while it was lots of fun, the food was a little overwhelming for a non-meat eater!  I wanted to go because my mom, dad, brother, and Grammy all love meat, and they have the "best salad bar in the city" according to the 4-seasons concierge (Basically free-411...).  (For anyone who doesn't know... I LIVE FOR SALAD BARS! My mom and I go crazy for them, and we hold our calibers quite high! haha) I would have to disagree because while it is WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, Fogo's got NUTTIN on.....

 My Whole Foods Market <333

(Man, I love Never Been Kissed SO much! Good times, good times!)