Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Double the trouble....

Aaaand the 2nd MRI showed us...

A fracture in the heel! Yes, that's right folkies, yours truly, has a double fracture, oh, and possibly one towards the inside top of my foot right below the ankle... Jolly good! What is happening here?  Honestly, this is just getting ridiculous! (PS) I totally forgot to put my walking cast on tonight and hyped up on 800 IBU and Percocet I was walking around the house BAREFOOT! Mind you I may be 5'9/5'10, but I'm not really a "big" person.  Half a glass of wine= Me on the FLOOR!  One shotgunned beer? Peace out! A glass of champage? Au Revoir!  This is not safe guys! I could've probably done backflips under those drugs and I wouldn't have felt a thing!  Thank G-D I was without company! (Other than Boozy and Mylo, of course! But they won't rat me out... At least I'd hope not!)  If my dad saw that he'd be "P.I.S.E.D".... Someone please name this movie! ... In the comment box I'll be waiting to see who the movieholics are ;) .  So yeah, after today I definitely need a good night sleep!  

Dinner tonight was good... Could've been better but I didn't have much of an appetite.  I had some Turkey Meatloaf (faaave) and some chicken and about a bite of a salad.  What's going on here Hulia?! Get it together girl! HOWEVER, Dessert was increddddible and made my night! I was laying in bed working on my paper and feeling insanely dehydrated!  So to the fridge I went! --er, Crutched! Aaand I pulled out the fruit "wagon" and into it I went.  I sat there eating mounds of Watermelon and Rasberries along with some Honeydew and a little Mango all with my favorite little fork that I've used forever!  I know what makes me happy and fruit -- Makes this girl happy!  So my fruit and I had a lovely little soiree, all while reading about my favorites on WHFOODS Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys .  If you've never checked out this site before, you MUST!  It's one of my ALL TIME FAVES and it's so much fun to read it WHILE you're consuming said world's healthiest food! I loved this so, and it totally hydrated me AND brought up my spirits! I'm so ready to "hit the hay" but thought I would give y'all an update!  I'll be awaiting a call from my podiatrist in the morning to see if another MRI is in order/ when I get to see him next!  I'm PRAYING that the words "surgery" and "cast" are no where in ear's length.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!!! 
OMG and Tomorrow's THURSDAY!!! Thank the LOOOOORRRDY LORD!Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never Have I Ever...

Hurt myself! Oh, except for when I was little, I fractured my foot (circa. 1992) kicking my brother's door.  (Not sure if it was the same foot though).  He wouldn't let me in to play, what was I supposed to do, right? Ahem... Anyways, I went to the ER that night that I blogged about my foot, because my dad was not having it.  No sir.  And let's be honest here, I wasn't too happy either.  For lack of a better term, I was literally, bawlin'.  I never cry when I hurt myself, and I NEVER HURT MYSELF!  So, long story short, I have a stress fracture under the ball of my foot, towards the side of my big toe and have been doing step aerobics, tennis, etc on this injury for the past three months.  GooOooooOOOoOooo Me! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free SmileysI have an MRI tonight at 7 to make sure I don't need surgery (please oh please oh please don't make me need surgerrryyyy!!!) Oh goodness, that would be awful!  The MRI is also going to see if I have any of the foot "itis"'s... Tendonitis, Fasciitis, Bursitis, etc. etc.  So since Saturday I have been doing... umm, nothing.  I mean I've been hanging out with my podiatrist, went to a play, hung out with my friends, and Buddha (who is doing SO much better!!! Thanks everybody!), Mylo, my Grandmother, my homework, my bed... Yeah, nothing active!  OH Except for my CRUTCHES!  I never thought that they'd be so tiring, but I'm totally sore from using them.  Lol, I know, wimp.  There is a guy coming over to the house today to size me for a walking cast (I insisted, and do NOT want to be on crutches for this whole time!), which I'm so greatful for!  I was out yesterday, literally, from 9-5:45 running around on my crutches and when I got home I was exhausted.  But I got some AWESOME stuff and I can't wait to show you guys! It'll have to wait until my mom comes back from Mexico though because my camera battery is dead and she took my charger with her accidentally!  She's at Le Blanc with her best friend, Nancy, for a week and I'm SUPER jealous and SUPER SUPER missing her right now!!! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys Hiii Mommmm Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys  Hahaha, I'm only kidding, I'm not crying (maybe only a little) but I def do miss her!

(Here's a quick picture of My Beautiful Mother from our trip to Le Blanc back in March.  She was watching the sun setting over the lagoon from a Polynesian Hut...)

The view of the Lagoon <333

I looove this picture of my Mom so!

(Note: Buddha just came over to my bed with his invisible fence collar in his mouth... I'm assuming he wants to go out.  I'll be right back, I need to go crutch my tush over to the door and let him out!  Smart little guy, eh?)

My Current View... In my room (TV is above what you see in the picture)

Anyways, I need y'all's advice on how to do this whole "not moving" thing.  One thing that's IRKING me b.i.g. t.i.m.e. is that I can't go anywhere.  I mean, sure, if I really wanted to I could go crutch jog my way around town, but that's ridiculous and --- Ok, no, I actually can't do that.  But I can't drive my car (it's my right foot), and I can't even go to class by myself because I can't carry my books and crutch at the same time!  But you bet your bottom dollar I sure did tryHotlinkable Free smiley Face from Free smileys! I mean, Sunday night I went with my Grammy to Whole Foods and it took us FOR. EVER. I'm just trying to remember to take it one day at a time.  It's not the pain that is bothering me as much as the having to have so much done for me that I'd normally not even think twice about.  

Sunday night I was on the phone with my mom, quite bummed with a lack of endorphins and depressed about my foot.  (She left for Mexico with Nance on Sunday morning).  And she reminded me that this is not going to be forever and that I can do other stuff if I want to relax like paint (which I Looooooove, but only really do on vacation, so I liked the sound of pretending I was on vacation, hehe), sing (do it all the time, anyways), draw (same as paint, ushe only done on vacay) etc. etc.  She reminded me that in a little while I could also probably start swimming and see how that feels!  I'm a little nervous about getting back on it too quickly though, because it's definitely tender.  Sorry if it seems like I'm totally NOT understanding the fact that I fractured a bone in my foot, but that's probably because I don't understand this at all.  What happens now???? Lol, HELP ME! Kath, if you're reading this, you said that you injured your foot/ankle at one point... How did you do it/What did you do to keep yourself sane?  

I did realize, today, that I if I really feel the need for some cardio, I can totally do the rowing machines!  Have any of you ever do
ne them?  I have a few times, but I don't think I did them correctly because I didn't feel like I was really "working out."  SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!! 
Something else that's been rather hard has been not being able to be outside with Buddha, but he can't do too much anyway, so we're kind of stuck together.  LUCKILY, the weather has not been too nice, and COLD!!! So I haven't missed out on too much, and since I was running around like MAD yesterday, I definitely felt like I got in lots of movement.  And I've been pretty okay with not going to step, even though I missed it this morning.  I think having tons of work to do has helped me with the end of the year fast approaching these days!  I've been cooking tons (hopping around the kitchen, lol) so that has definitely allowed me to relax a little too!

Anyways, I need to get back to writing my paper, and Buddha wants to go out again!  But before I go here are some pictures from forever ago: LOTS OF SOUP when I was sick /all the time because my Grammy's chicken soup (matzot ball soup) is heaven and let's face it, it makes my day even when I'm not sick/injured! (I don't eat the matzot balls though bc I H.A.T.E. Matzot, ewwww!) And with Kashi TLC Ranch Crackers!? As I said... HEAVENHotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys Is anyone else in love with this flavor?! It's my favorite, although I don't buy these guys often because I can't stop eating them once I start! What are your favorite flavors of Kashi TLCs?

Soup! (This isn't vitamin water, btw...It's somethin
g else that my mom got me from Walgreens, but I don't remember what it is! Sorry!)

Ranch Kashi TLC Crackers!

And here are some pictures of when I made my parents a romantic dinner of my AMAZING (yes, I do say so, myself) Turkey Meatloaf with Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Onions, some Sauteed Spinach+Garlic and some Greenbeans that I cooked in stewed tomatoes! Y.U.M. The "sauteed" veggies were just in a little NO HFCS Canola Oil Spray (how I've always done them!) with salt, pepper and a little garlic! Oh, and does anyone know how to add in a recipe section on blogger?? I've been trying to figure it out, but I don't like how it comes out! Help! I really want to post my Turkey Meatloaf/Turkey Burger Recipe for you guys and so many others! It's honestly incredible and S.U.P.E.R. healthy too, of course! (Please note that my adorable parent's ate on trays on their bed (it was covered with a blanket so they wouldn't spill anything, lol), all snuggled up together!Hotlinkable Free smiley Face from Free smileys

(First a picture of my parents in Hawaii last summer!)
Oh and here's one with me and my parents! For good measure... Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

Turkey Meatloaf= Y.U.M!
(Did I mention that I hate the word "m-e-a-t-l-o-a-f"? E.W.)

Need I say more?

And Check out this BEAUTIFUL(!!!) Heirloom Tomato that I spotted at WF a few weeks ago! These pictures do not do her justice! She was exquisite and deeeelicious!

(PS) I'm SO bummed that this first picture didn't come out well! Don't be fooled! She was perfect, red, and fabu!


This is a painting that my mom did when she was younger! It hangs in one of our hallways and is so special to me.  Her lucky/favorite number is 4, in case you couldn't tell Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys
Gold Leaf!

And of course we have T.O.N.S. of fruit in the Wise house right now!  We have watermelons (not cut), 1 watermelon (cut last night in the fridge), 3 honeydews, 2 cantaloups, 3 mangos that I cut up this morning, Rasberries, lots of kiwi (I looove these! I used to call them "bikinis" lol), Strawberries (which I'm totally sick of now, due to that RIDICULOUSLY HUGE container that we bought: Strawberries are the only fruits I really get "sick" of... I literally am nauseous just thinking about them right now. Yuck.) , Apples,  Oranges, and Bananas (my brother and dad love 'em), Yellow tomatoes (!!), and Lemons and Limes (I also received my free sample of True Lemon in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to try it out! You can do SO much with these guys!).  You think we like our fruit? Yes, I'd say so! (PS) In case you didn't already know (many people don't!) the way to pick an amazing watermelon is as follows: FIRST THINGS FIRST: Give it a good knock! You want a hollow sound all the way around the green top!  Check for a hard exterior...NEVER EVER SOFT IN ANY WAY! And it should be a beautiful and vibrant green! Like fresh cut grass in the spring (dork.).  And lastly, turn that baby over and look at the bottom!  You want to look for a flat bottom with a nice oval of white skin.  Yes, I said white.  Or creamy white.  If there's no white, the watermelon wasn't grown properly and it's not going to be as amazing as it could be! (Not the melon's fault here!) And of course, it's ESSENTIAL to look for the biggest one too Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys! Aaaand make sure to enjoy every. single. bite! It's my faaavorite, especially with sweet honeydew! D.I.V.I.N.E.

Watermelon, oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo
Strawberries GALORE!

Whew! Done!
Okay, well, I need to work on my paper before my MRI! Plus that dude is coming to the house to size me for my walking cast/"boot" so I want to be ready when he comes so he can come and go! LOL... Thanks for the warm and sweet wishes everyone! Hope you all had wonderful Tuesdays! (Tomorrow's Humpday! Weeeee!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Please let me wake up pain free tomorrow!!!

OK, something y'all should know about Julz... She never gets hurt!  I really don't get hurt easily and I'm the fastest healer ever!  However, yours truly is currently laying on her bed with her right foot elevated and an ice pack over the ball of her foot.  

Something feels SO seriously wrong with the region under my big toe right now and it's so scary because I've never had anything like this before!  The pain is downright terrifying me and I hate that I am in this state.  It's so uncomfortable.  I feel so out of control! I've never had to be on bed rest like this.  WTF?!  I don't know what it is, exactly, but it's the region under my big toe that is paining me so, and every time I put my heel down/the outside of my foot down, I feel the muscle under my big toe stretch and pull and it's overbearing.  What the hell is going on foot?!  Come on!  Pull through for me here!  My dad wanted to take me to the ER (he came home from work and though I thought I was walking perfectly normal/trying so hard to he goes, "what's wrong with you Julz? Waaaaiiiittt come back here, why are you limping like that let me see your foot").  He came home from being on business (all week long! It's awful!).  I show him my foot and it's SO red and swollen.  It scared me! And right when I put it up to show him my muscle under my big toe felt like it was ripping my joint in half.  GUYS HELP ME!!! I don't ever get injured! Aaaand I don't understand this because I was walking a TON today and constantly running around doing errands and it felt fine!  It started to urk me a bit when I got home, but Jim and I played tennis around 6 for 45 minutes or so (nothing too long though!) and I was bouncing around just fine.  I felt the irritation, but I didn't pay it much mind.  Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys I'm nerrrvous now though! And I really don't want to go to the pediatrist! PLEASE LET ME WAKE UP TOMORROW AND BE PAIN FREE! Does anyone know what's going on with my footsie?!

Buddha Update:  My little man is doing MUCH better!  Thanks SO much for all of your sweet, sweet wishes and prayers!  You guys are so wonderful, I can't even tell you.  Every single one of those comments touched me so, and I'm so lucky to have you guys! ThaaanksssHotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys!!! My boozy tested positive for Lyme, and they gave him medication/pain killers and they've made SUCH a big difference for him.  It's so hard for us to keep him from bouncing around like the Tigger that he is, but it's so important.  He could pull a muscle so easily right now, so we have to be careful!

Blog Update: My project for tonight/tomorrow is to get all of my pictures up and loaded! Ohhhh and (PS) I baked Banana Bread tonight because we had 6 small/medium bananas that were SUPER ripe! My dad bought a bag of 15 organics for a dollar (!!!) at the produce junction right by us LAST WEEK.  I know I know, ridiculous!  Anyways, Each loaf has 3 bananas and they were super ripe/sweet so the sugar was kept to a MINIMUM.  I put in a little maple syrup, vanilla, almond, and coconut extracts, cinnamon, whole wheat pastry flour, redieggs, almond milk, baking soda and I think that's it! OMG and a half of a container (I don't know the serving... It's the 80 calorie portion?) of Fage 0% went into each loaf too! Y.U.M.!! I actually have yet to try one but am SO excited to!!!  My house smells of warm banana goodness!  I have to be careful though, because bananas + my digestive system= Party over.  Unfortunately Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys!  (-PS- I don't keep passover past the first few days... Whoops! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys).

Anyways, I'm going to chill out for a bit and try and get my mind off of my foot (blogging's helped though! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys All thanks to you guys, I'm sure!).  I'm watching the new Real World Hollywood and it's SO intense! Gosh I love this stuff.  I mean who even says something like, "watch where your sleepin tonight hoe!"  BAHAHA! So awesome... Except for the fact that the stupid girl from the South is ignorant and keeps saying, "Let's not get ghetto!" and then, "I don't care if you're from the most inner-city Blackville!".  It's people like her that give Southerners a bad name.  My cousins live in the South and they don't act like this girl!  Ugh gross!  Anyways, I hope everyone's Friday nights are eventful, fun, and S.A.F.E.! I'll be here, on my bed, watching reality tv and trying to think of anything but my foot!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Patience, please :(

I'm so sorry everyone, but my blogging is going to have to wait until I get home from class late tonight or tomorrow!  This week has been C.R.A.Z.Y. with classes and work and tons of errands to run/things to do!  My friends are starting to come home from school/abroad studies, and it has been AMAZING to see them!! (Cue Violin) My friends are literally my other halves and I feel so whole and complete when they're around! (And end scene.)

I have some bad news though (big reason why my blog has been neglected, ONCE AGAIN.): Buddha is not doing well, and I'm so upset.  He's been very lethargic and hasn't really eaten much and last night when he ran outside to see Jimmy and his girlfriend Cristin (he A.D.O.R.E.S. Cris more than life, itself) he jumped up a couple of times and then let out a whimpering cry and I knew right away that something was off.  He'd been acting so strange since I got home from work yesterday.  He wouldn't jump up on my bed to say hi, and merely just collapsed against me and I thought it was strange, but figured he may have just been tired.  I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BAD MOMMY!  Honestly, I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.  I feel like I've neglected my baby and it's making my heart hurtHotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys and I just don't know what to do.  What if he ate an onion or a grape or raisin or something??? What if he has lime disease?  He's been limping and has been so sad.  Ugh and he came up to me yesterday when I was in the fridge to get him something and he just put his head between my legs and leaned against me as if to say he needed me to take care of him!  I KNEW DEEP DOWN that he was trying to tell me something and I ignored it.  I should have called the Vet yesterday.  I don't know what to do guys! He's my little man! I'm so worried Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys!

As we speak my mom and Grandma (Grammy) are at the Vet with Boo.  Our vet is A.MAZING and we have a wonderful relationship with both he and his wife.  I'm just so nervous to have them come home and tell me something bad.  But I'm trying to be optimistic here!  So please help me!  It's absolutely LOVELY outside, and Boo should be out there playing!  Instead, he's in pain and is sad.  I mean, he cried this morning when he was laying down on my bed (I put him up there)!  I'm sorry, I'll be back to blogging soon!  The weekend's almost here, but I'm not even thinking about it right now.  I need to shower as I'm sweaty and gross from step, and get to class.  I hope my Boozy's okay!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Blogging Buddies I'm super sorry but I don't have time right now for picture posting! I'm feeling a bit sluggish recently from all of the holiday overeating.  It's amazing how different my body acts when I'm eating more crap.  I am so relieved that the holidays will be over soon! Haha... I can't keep up with them!  Anyways, yesterday's step class took me a little longer than usual to get into my rhythm, which was annoying.  And it had never really happened to me before, but I KNOW it's from my fuel sources.  Poor body :(

So yeah, I'm about to go to my class and then I'll be heading to the gym!  I usually prefer to go before class, but it'll be nice to change it up a little bit :)  I think I am going to *TRY* a MACHINE today! Eek!  As in machine, btw, I'm referring to the stairmaster.  Don't Laugh.  I told you I'm NOT a gym rat and don't ever use machines.  I've used the treadmill and the ET, and aside from those a few weight machines.  I'm pumped for this trial though, so we'll see how it goes! I love new things --- Foods, Shops, cities, EVeRYTHING!

Ok, time to get to class! I hope everyone has a fabulous day and that all who celebrated Pasach spent wonderful time with their families and friends/aren't too constipated from the Matzo.  Ewwwww.   See y'all later!

Friday, April 18, 2008

warm weather makes me hungry!

Man was it beautiful out today! My brother and I played tennis which was SO fun! I looove tennis! SO much :) And I wore shorts and a teeshirt and I was sweating! YAYY haha can you tell I love the warm weather? Well... I do!

But something else also happened today... I ATE... ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  It's a good thing that I don't blog my meals because I think, all together, I had like 6-7.  I just snacked like my life depended on it (lots of Kashi Crackers mmm! Ranch, my fave!) and it was so odd because I did a much less arduous workout today than usual! Wow... I'm very full now.  See, the thing is, I love to eat so much that sometimes I get so excited (warm weather) that I cook and eat and eat and cook and ... well, y'all get the idea.  But no worries!  It was a good mix up from my usual habits (very rarely do I/have I eaten this much! lol), and should rev up my metabolism lots!  Tomorrow's a new day and no doubt an absolutely b-e-a-uuutiful one! Aaaand it's the first day of Pasach (the first of eight).  Lots of cooking/baking to do!  I'm getting up at 6 to be at step by 8, then showered, to whole foods, and home to prep for Pasach dinner! Whew! Should be a fun, and action packed day! I'm so looking forward to it though! I'm making Butternut Squash Casserole (A.MAZING!!! Yes, I'll post pics! Of the whole pasach spread too! Get excited!), Julz's Fabulous Coconut Macaroons (Mine have dried cranberries, chopped pistachios, sliced almonds, oats, tons of coconut, and half have bittersweet chocolate chips in them!), And my Passover Flourless Sponge Cake with Rubarb-Rasberry Sauce.  NOW...All of these recipes were inspired by other recipes; however, they were completely changed/modified to fit the needs of myself and my family.  I cannot WAIT to get into that kitchenn! I made the pecan bars and they were meh... Not something I'd eat again, though having surprisingly low caloric counts, they didn't resemble the pecan pie I know and love.  My brother really liked them hot out of the oven and over froyo, but agreed that they aren't too "Pecan Pie-y," If you will.  So, I'm thinking whether or not I should just go ahead and make them both or choose one from the other.  Well, as previously stated, I am not one who likes to choose one dessert from the other, and will most likely end up making both! Yeah! Haha.

Anyways, I'm already home from being out! I'm a loser and have so much to do tomorrow and want to be rested for step! Tomorrow is a brand new day and I love that.  A clean slate, a new morning.  And I just have that feeling that it's going to be absolutely spectacular.  

Love and sweetest dreams to all of my blogging buds!! Can't wait to read all about your weekends and read your comments too! They are my favorite part of this experience, as well as all the friendships I've gained from you.  Thanks guys :)

Off to dreamland! Happy Friday and I'll see y'all later this weekend! xo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HUMPDAY post =) and holding a blogger in the light

I just got back from class and a quickie at the gym (Sadly, no, I'm not referring to a quickie.)  I have a bunch to update on but all will have to wait until later this evening when I get back from work!  I got a 95 on my history exam, which isn't bad.  It's GREAT, don't get me wrong, but I think he only gave me a 95 because he didn't want to give anyone 100% on their exam essays. Psshhh... College Professors.  Anyways, I am about to jump into the shower (another quickie; gosh I'm so lame!Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys) and then I'm off to work! 

I'll be taking my lunch in the car : Waldorf Chicken Salad...I made with Grilled Chicken, some Fage, Dijon+Grain Mustard, Celery, Red Delicious Apple, and some Toasted Walnuts over Spinach Leaves! I also threw in a little thyme for the chicken and some cinnamon, because I love Thyme with chicken and Cinnamon rocks!).  
*Attention Veggies and Vegans: I've also made this with fake chik'n and Plain Silk Soy Yogurt and it ROCKED!  The plain is only available in family size, or at least that's the only size I've found it available in, but it's AWESOME in things like this and in Smoothies... Yummy!*
 I'll also be bringing the rest of the apple to eat too! Happy girl here, I'll tell you that! I ALSO have a couple of Lactaid Chewables that I'm taking now to help me digest the lactase in the Fage Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys (Shoutout to Veggiegirl: My Lactose-Intolerant P.I.C. Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys )

OK, sweetpeas, I'm out to conquer the world! Aka, Culinary Concepts (my work) and then WF because my brother (!!!) gave me some items that he would like! Yaayyy convert! LOL.

I think there are quite enough Exclamation Points in this post but today is going to be a FABULOUS day! I can just feel it.  For me and you.

(PS) Don't forget to hold Jenna (from EatLiveRun) and her family in the light today/tonight.  Her grandfather is not doing too well and our prayers and thoughts should be with them during this time. Jenna's kept up such a beautiful blog for all of us and is always there to lend a kind word or thought.  If you've never seen her blog, click on the link, and definitely offer your best wishes if you can.  I'm sure she'd really appreciate it! We're thinking of you Jenna!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Very short post -- Sorry!

I think I'm bummed out from being sick.  My mood has shifted and this morning I woke up feeling rather pms-y/fragile and irked.  BOO. :(  I'm sorry I haven't posted much!  I have a report to do on those pecan bars an other things as well, but they will have to wait until later, unfortunately.  I'm going to be going to step this morning although I'm a bit nervous about it.  I'm going to take it easier than I normally would tho ;) I got this, right?! 

Anyways, the weather is supposed to be in the 40's and maybe going up to the 50's (thanks Good Morning America!), I think, BUT... The sun should be shining and if that'll be the case, I'll be a happy camper =) Gosh, I just love that sun.  OK, no lie, my mood is getting better at the mere thought of some sunshine! Love that!!!  Friday it's supposed to be in the 80's!! Ohhhh baby ;)

OK, time to get ready for step!  My house is F.R.EEEEE.Z.I.N.G. this morning! A little while ago Kath posted about how it's hard for her to put her gym clothes on in the mornings because she's always freezing! So true!  But I love sleeping in a cold house! I like to get all snuggled up and toasty under my yummy blankets+duvet =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!  I'll be back to post more laterrr <3

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm feeling better already!

THANKS TO ALL OF MY BUDDIES!! You all are so sweet and I adored reading each and every one of your comments over the weekend, ever so much.  If I didn't respond, I'm so sorry and I'm just only getting back into the swing of things, although I'm not quite 100% yet .  I am not going to class today, but I have work to do, so I'm going to try and get that done now! Unfortunately, I have been sleeping a lot less than usual, so my mood's a little schlippy, but --- Wait, is that a word? --- I'm so happy to be feeling somewhat better, finally!  Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys  *Sigh of relief!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
I'll be back laterrr! xo 

Friday, April 11, 2008

Uh oh :-\

Good evening lovely bloggers <3

I was supposed to go out with Mike tonight, but guess who's caught the sick bug...NOT ME! (Ok, I'm trying to do what my mom said..."Julz, visualize yourself not being sick.  Don't even mention that you are!" Haha, I love you Mom.)  She loves the book/cd(s) called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  She also knows the collaborators personally, but she is a HUGE believer, and a success story.  But I'll go into that some other time.  Anyways, after working out/showering I felt fine.  I mean, I was a little spacey, but nothing felt necessarily (and dare I say it) sick (shh).  Come dinner I realized I did not feel well.  How did I know?  I hadn't eaten all day and didn't think about it ONCE.  After breakfast, that is.  OK, this doesn't even happen to me when I am sick!  Well, I made dinner, after finally being hungry and now my throat is really irritated, my ear is plugged, and my nose is stuffy.  Get this though: It's all on my right side.  So I'm thinking it could be allergies?  Ughh.  I NEVER get sick! And I refuse to get sick now.  Hmph!  Plus, I need to go to WF tomorrow so that I can make my first batch of Passover Pecan Bars!  

Where did this come from?! Not Mike, he had it last week but I haven't seen him since!  Grrr.  I think I'm going to go to bed and see how I feel in the morning.  I wanted to get up early and go to step so that I can get my day started.  That will probably get it out of my system, too.  *Sigh.  Well, with that, I leave you.  Hope everyone had a wonderful night.  And visualize me not having an itchy/scratchy throat, plugged up ear, and runny nose/sneezes! Oyy

Much to discuss!

 Good morning Lovebugs! FRIDAY IS HEEERRREEEEE 

SO on the agenda this morning (discussion-wise) is the following (so I don't miss anything!):
-Bender Ball + Commercial
- Seasun Zieger
- Paper Plates!
- Hydration Talk
- Feet Talk
- Passover Pecan Bars or Matzot ButternutCrunch?
- Lust/Caution

The Bender Ball: 

Yes, the infamous Bender Ball, by Lesley Bender.  First of all, I would like to discuss the commercial for the DoubleB.  EW.  I do not like this commercial.  I feel so bad saying this, but it's all because of that girl who goes, "I love my belly, I love my abdominalZZZ."  Ew. Ew. Ew. Something about her is so odd.  Do you agree?  I mean, when I first saw this commercial I nearly DIED laughing... At, um, her.  But now I'm just feeling downright sorry for her!  Do odd, and my friends and I have discussed this girl.  Am I insane here?!  Do you guys watch the commercial and think to yourselves, 'Is this girl for real?'  Anyways, I really hope she's not reading this! Who knows, right?! If she is, well, I'm sorry.  No hard feelings Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

Now, onto the Bender Ball, itself!  I don't know if I've discussed this before, but our Step Classes last 75 minutes, the first 60 being step and the last 15 being weights/core work and then stretching for the last minute or so (we usually go a little over).  Recently, however, our club purchased Bender Balls and this past week and a half we have been trying them out.  When I tell you that you can do anything with these guys, it's so true.  We did regular sit-ups, planks, push ups, everything.  And everything that we did with them was awesome!  If you're looking for something that's small, portable, and unlimited in its use, go for the Bender Ball!

Seasun Zieger:
Yes, this is my fabulous Step Instructor I am speaking of here.  But guess what I so recently discovered about her... She has workout videos, her first of which "Rock Steady Step" won "Best Workout Video for Step Routine" by Fitness Magazine?!?! She released her first video in 2005 and she has three out so far.  She has also had 3 kids!! You can see her live classes on YouTube also.  I was so shocked to hear that she had these videos out because she's so low-key and is as sweet as the day is long!  Anyways, isn't this so cool!  Surprisingly enough, I don't think of her any differently.  She never discussed any of this with us, but one of the girls who comes to class sometimes asked her if she'd released anything since her core Bosu video.  Apparently, everyone else knew!  But then again, most of them have known Seasun since she was 13! My mom's even known her that long... Sheesh! Anyways, I thought I'd share and thought that some of you, including Robs may want to look at her videos!  If you don't know, the beautiful Robin, from Hungry, Happy, Informed, and Fit is also a Step Instructor!  So cool =)

Paper Plates= Breakfast Party?!
Ehh, not quite.  Last week Seasun told us that she was bringing in Paper Plates for our Thursday Step Class.  "Get Excited Girls!"  She exclaimed to us as we were heading out the door.  We all looked at each other, quite puzzled, but definitely excited!  We thought a breakfast party was goin down! Yum!  In the back of our minds, however, we knew that Seasun had other plans in mind. 48 hours later and we came face to face with the "paper plates."  Seasun used these plates as if they were Gliding Discs, which if you have not used before, are incredible.  The moves that you can do are, like the DoubleB, endless, and they kicked my butt.  I am no "buff" by any means, and I am not very strong, but Seasun and her sister-in law Heather are S.T.R.O.N.G. and they were screamin.  Haha.  Don't be afraid of these though.  And in my opinion, don't buy the discs.  The paper plates worked perfectly.  I can't really explain what you can do with them, but check out the link!  Lunges, Squats, Push-ups, Abs, etc.  They're awesome!

Hydration Talk:
So I've been meaning to discuss this for a little while now.  But I'm a big fan of hydration.  I try to drink as much water as I can, for the obvious reasons that we all know of... ESSENTIAL for life? Yes, that's a big one.  However, I really don't like that feeling that I get between 10-11 where I feel so dehydrated, it's nauseating.  This happens to me when I don't work out first thing in the mornings (Fridays).  All of a sudden, I get slammed by this very ill feeling.  My body telling me it needs something, and that something always happens to be water.  Ironically, however, I do not feel this way when I workout in the mornings.  I feel so much less dehydrated throughout the day after I've sweat a lot.  Isn't that so weird!?  Does anyone else ever get this way?  It's so uncomfortable Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys!  But I suppose if my body can tell me it needs something and I can recognize what that need is, I should be happy.  And for that, I am.Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

Feet Talk:
No, this is not going to be about smelly feet.  LOL.  I've never had that problem.  This is, however, going to be regarding blisters and other painful feel problemos.  Athletes, Dancers, or anyone who works out!  HELP ME!  I have amazing sneaks: Asics GEL-Nimbus 9.  
Main image for GEL-Nimbus® 9
I love Asics and have worn them for about 3 years now.  HOWEVER, my feet always have blisters (on the bottoms, especially) and they always hurt so bad!  I don't know why!  My sneakers are amazing and there isn't a shoe out there with more cushioning!  I tried Mizuno, New Balance, Brooks, etc.  You name it!  So here's my conclusion, but I'm asking for EVERYONE'S advice.  If you read the blog, or even if you're just passing through... Please leave me a comment.  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love getting every single comment from you guys?! It makes my entire day, I'm not kidding.  I adore them all.Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys *Blogsphere Hug*)  Back to my conclusion: Socks.  Could this be possible?  I wear good socks, but I definitely don't wear any type of marathoner-esque ones.  Should I be?  Someone help me out here, please!  My feets hurt Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

OK, enough workout talk.  So funny, I'm totally not a workout-aholic, but it probably seems that way from my blog.  I'm not at all.  I don't know how to use half of the machines in the gym, it's not common that I'm actually in one (maybe on Fridays?) and other than working out, I sit on my tush all day.  Actually, at work I'm standing the entire time, but other than that! (lol)
Anyways, if I have been coming off that way, it's not how I am.  O.K! Done! Phew!

Passover Pecan Bars or Matzo ButternutCrunch??
What to do?! What to do?!  As previously mentioned, I don't like Matzot.  I really don't.  My digestive tract and I both agree with that! (If ya catch my drifty...) But it's a given that it needs to be substituted for ingredients that leaven, here.  Whatever, this is dessert we're speaking of here!  I'm thinking at this moment that the Passover Pecan Bars are going to be it, but don't fret, I have been known to do two recipes!  I'm so intrigued by the Matzo ButternutCrunch.  Hmph! Oh, gee, I don't know, I mean I guess I can do both!  I wanted to ask all of you EXPERT bakers out there (Yes, Liz, I'm BIG TIME referring to you! Jenna, you're the baking professional! Help!) how do sugar substitutes work? I DO NOT MEAN ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.  I'm talking, maple syrup, agave, honey, applesauce, etc.  I want to make these healthier so that they are especially delicious, and I am going to try and make them today because I know I need to give them a trial run (or a few) before I make them for the offical Pasach dinner!  I'm not against using Brown Sugar at all, but I'd prefer to cut down on it due to the fact that there is, in total, 2, 1/3 cups in the recipe!  I'm sorry, but that's insane.  I want to taste the pecans in these (I'm totally toasting them pre-baking... If this is allowed?) as I adore them.  I am planning on substituting Earth Balance for regular Butter as I am Lactose Intolerant.  I was pleased to see that the recipe called for mostly Egg Whites which is so much better than most of the other Pecan-Pie-esque recipes out there! Kudos to Cooking Light!  You can view the recipes here, and I hope that you all do!  I need all the help I can get!

I was going to post about a movie we saw last night in my Advanced Japanese Cinema class: Lust/Caution.  It was incredible.  I urge all of you to see it.  It has an NC-17 rating, but it is in no way a porno of any sort, and every smidgen of the sex is 100% essential to the entirety of the film.  It was directed by Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Brokeback Mountain, etc).  I don't have too much time to discuss it right now, as I am about to run to Target because I want to see if they have Seasun's videos!  I'm so excited!  And I'm intrigued by this Turbo Jam talk that I'm hearing from Chandra's blog and others', as well, so I may look at them too!  The sun is trying to peak through the clouds, and I may go for a run, although I'm feeling like I really want to do step!  Hmm... I don't have my own, are there any ways to make an imitation step? LOL.  I'm such a dork.  OK, I'm out! I hope everyone's enjoying their Fridays! See you all later <3

Thursday, April 10, 2008

70 degrees!?

Today it's going to be in the 70's! I'm SO excited :)  Something else I'm so excited about? Step in 20 and most importantly, PASSOVER is coming up soon! Passover is a Jewish holiday where some religious stuff goes down (no eating Leavened Bread, etc.) and yummy food is consumed.  By yummy I am not, by any means, referring to Matzot.  Ewwww.  I've hated this stuff since I was old enough to chew (which I'm proud to say I did at a VERY early age, hehe).  But I looove making fabulous recipes into Pasach friendly treats! 

This year I am making the desserts, that is, two of the probably 5 or 6 desserts that will be at the house! Insanity... I know. Haha, I'm SO excited though :)
I really want to tell you ladies what I am making, but I also want it to be a surprise!  I'll give you one hint: The two recipes are from Cooking Light, although I will be making some variations to make them more accessible for everyone's dietary needs (I'm lactose intolerant, as prev. stated)... In other words, I'm selfish and want to be able to eat them too! Haha

Okay, sorry this post sucked and was super short, but I just wanted to say HI and I'm so excited for my Passover treats! Happy Thursday!  Friday is only one day away =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Counter Surfing =)

Good Morning from Budha, Mylo & I! This is Boo's "counter surfing" that he does all. the. time.  He travels around the kitchen this way, surfing via countertop =) Haha! He knew his treat was waiting on the counter and didn't even let me take his leash off yet! (Note our kitchen is not this gloomy! Stupid camera ) We need to train this dog better, I think...(PS) He's going to be a year old in just over 1 month!!    I can't believe it!! But how cool is this: His Birthday is May 16, and mine is May 19! Cute, right?

Anyways, I am about to get ready for step but wanted to leave you all with a little mood lifter for the day! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! The weekend will be here before we know it!