Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vloggy #1

OkaaAAAAAaaaaAAaaaayyyy :D

Hi! Meowz.

I have [too] LEGIT [to quit] missed y'all so! I decided to do a video, because, well, I really enjoy embarrassing the living shiza out of myself, and figured there was no better way to do this than through a vid! So I did one yesterday morning after texting my Lil Poopoo! Yay!

After watching this I died. Not because I think I am funny- I actually think I am an asshole and come off really obnoxious. Ewwww. I so hope y'all aren't put off by me- I was truly SO SHOCKED at how I sound, how I come off (QUITE THE LIL 'TUDE! ) and I ain't gonna lie- I look like ass. My face looks like I am going to sneeze, which is a HUGH-JASS pet-peeve of mine.

***Okay, Julia, get over yourself.***

So WORD! As stated in this vid, I want to do fun stuff on this blog! This past year was SO Craycray and I really want to just have fun this year, embracing the things I LOVE and that means all of y'all :D

So tell me what you think in the comments... I am nervous that my first BITCH-ASS-MOTHER-F***ER-HATER comments are going to arise out of this, but whatever. I kill you.


[ps] Though it most certainly seems to happen, I actually did NOT forget Erin and Amy's names. PLZ. I was just thinking to myself, "I cannot believe I am doing this shit."

K! Purrrrrrrrrrrrr


VeggieGirl said...

Julz!!!!!!! Welcome back to blogging. This video is so fabulous - it confirms why I love ya and why you're such a fun person :)

Definitely keep up the videos and post what YOU want to post/focus on.

Yes, love the eye makeup - gorgeous colors!! Can't wait for most posts on that and the FASHION stuff!! Erin and Amy definitely are great inspirations for that :)

What I want to see?? Exactly what you did in this video - you were yourself and "shit like that," haha.

And thank you for the VG shout-out ;)

VeggieGirl said...

P.S. - as a former fashion design major, I'm LOVING the construction of your t-shirt!! Nice work!!

amy. said...

OH MY FUCKING GAWD, I DIE!!!!!!!! MY BEST FRIEND IS BACK TO BLOGGING. AND VLOGGING. Oh. my. word. Y'all--thats my best friend right thurr!

Okay, in plain English: You are my favorite in the entire world, not just the blog world...I am so thrilled to see you reengage into what Julz loves and wants. You need to share your art baby! It's amazing. And your eyemakeup is always ON POINT and blended perfectly. Your favorite word is "palette" I've decided ;) I seriously love reading anything you have to write and listening/watching anything you have to say. *Jumps for joy* YAYA!

We should do a video together!! When I'm home! Maybe this upcoming weekend? With Jamez? I die! I just love you so much! You're my bestie! So of course I drool over every word you say.

Have fun with Regie today! I love you beyond...and shit like that <3 <3 <3

Erin said...

More, please!
Of course, I loved it!

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIZ, I almost passed out when I saw this pop up on my Google reader.

I got a couple of comments:

1. Do you know how much confidence you radiate? It's beautiful :)

2. Your eye shadow is off the hizzy, I'm horrific with make-up, so any instructional help would be bomb.

3. Have you made any more clothes? I wanna see that, and shit like that.

Mara said...

JULZ!!!!!!!!!! I was JUST wondering about where you were :) So glad to see you back and blogging and vlogging and whatever kind of gging you want to do :)

Jenny said...

pinch me i'm effin' dreaming for real. Julz - this made my LYFE.. not only do I support you doing more vlogging, I demand it. must.see.yo'.face.

love the eye makeup! where were you last year when I was rockin' the racoon look at my senior prom -- I could've used your skillage.

love you long time mamiiiiii <3

Emily said...

Umm, yay! You're back! And look super gorgeous, at that!

Anonymous said...

JULZ! I LOVE THIS. You are the most beaudacious thing EVER! Who makes that eye shadow palette? 120 shades is not something to be reckoned with.

Also. I love your shirt. I have a really old cardigan from Free People that looks kind of like it. What if you did a DIY video for us less-creative types? I would love you forEVER.

Simple and Divine said...
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Simple and Divine said...

oh.em.gee. y'all are so precious!! Too much and makin me feel wonderfull :D <333333

Anonymous said...



you are sooooooo amazing.

give me more!

Anonymous said...

Don't censor yourself in any way. Doowutchulike. I AM HAVING A GD HERNIA OVER THIS VID.

Anonymous said...

Watching it again, on the realz.
Glad I could make you orgasm bb :)
I don't think you even GET how amazing you are. Inside, obvs, but JC you are hot as hell, makes me wanna make out with you.

Anonymous said...

CAN WE MEET IN REAL LIFE PLEEEEEASE!?!?!! Homie, you fiiine!

Your eye makeup is killer. How do you do that? I have the standard light-reflecting eye-look that I always do, but that looks brilliant. I need to know how to doooo it.

And I love the shirt, your sailor mouth (reminds me of my mom), your gorgeous face, your gorgeous spirit, ALL OF IT.

So maybe I'm freaking out a bit right now. Cannot help it.

Thanks for the incred shout-out!!!

I'm so in love that I'm off to re-watch this beauty! LOVE IT. LOVE YOU.

Katie said...

perfect!! so happy to see you back and look forward to whatever you want to vlog about!!

amy. said...

Um is it lame ASS that i keep coming back and checking who comments on this post? yeah, well...I

UM UM UM UM UM i wuv you! How lucky I am to not only KNOW you, but I've slept with you too...damn. Jealous? Anyone?

Sarah said...

You are even prettier and funnier and more DIVINE than I could ever even imagine. I hope we see more of are such a special part of this blogging community!

Anonymous said...

dude, you are effing hilar. fo realz, i couldnt died while watching. so glad youre back. now, how would you feel about flying to CA for my wedding next year and doing my makeup. your eyes are gorgy. you are one hot mamacita, but we all knew that before.

you dont sound like an a hole, and the 'tude is obviously in jest. even more than before, i heartchuuuuuuuu (if thats possible).

i look forward to many more vloggy vlogs to come. xx, elise

Anonymous said...

As Britney would say...

Gimme Gimme Mo' Gimme Mo' Gimme Gimme...Mo' :o)

I looooooove you! This was such a bright spot in an otherwise dark day, Julzy. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

haha im like amy and erin, leaving double comments and lovin on your video!! obv. so excited that you are back......and even more that you are in VIDEO screenage! omfg!