Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For ErinBooBoo <3

Quick and Simple Tutorial Time!

Erin asked me (this morning in a preshpresh texticle [change the "x" to an "s" and that would NOT a sentence make, yo.]) if I would show how I do my liquid/gel eyeliner. So I did this video. But you can't really see it! Fab.

So I will do another one tomorrow, but if it helps at all to entertain you, here it is.

[Plz forgive my less-than-sweet 'tude in this one. I am totes sick :( ]

Carry on, YoungBulls. Peace.


VeggieGirl said...

Thank you for the eyeliner tutorial!! Very interesting with the lipliner as eyeliner - the cranberry color is gorgeous!!

Haha loved the fly-swatting :-D

"I swear, if that fly comes near me one more time I'm going to castrate him..."


Ahh girl, this isn't good about the napping/not feeling well/having the flu!!! I'm praying that you're 100% better soon xo

Anonymous said...

welcome back to the blog world! and doing so cool thing as teaching how to be more beautiful (because you're already so beautiful). I need to learn so much!

Jenny said...

sexyyyyy time! you look hawt as all hell J!

is it bad that I'm kind of tempted to watch this again? don't curr... watching it again.

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet honey baby :) I'm so sorry you're sick though. You did not fall asleep on the counter. Not true.
In spite of feeling yucky, you still took care of your girl. Unreal!
Do you ever line from the inner corner in? That's where I always eff up.
I love that last face. So presh.
Meow ;)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Will you please stop disappearing on me. So glad you're back! I need you and Erin to both come to Nashville and show me how to do my make-up. Lip liner as eye liner = brilliant.

Love seeing you live. You're gorgeous and hilarious. More please.

Hope you feel better my favorite spaz!!!! :)

Neela Marijana said...
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Neela Marijana said...

julia you are so adorable!
thank you for this tutorial, i am an eyeline addict so it was nice to get some tips for that!
hope you feel better soon love, get some rest

Anonymous said...

You are the prettiest person with the flu EVER. If I were feeling as poo-like, there's no way I would A) look as gorge as you and B) make a video. You crazy and I love it.

OK, how did you learn to do all this? As in makeup. It's incredible.

Hahaha so I have a round face and don't adhere to that blush guideline. I get the bronzer-filled blush brush and go crazy. oops.

LOVE YOU!xxxoxoxo

Katie said...

great tutorial as usual; def learning ALOT!

you have got to be the most beautiful, fun and entertaining sick person...furrrreaal!! but seriously please rest up and take care of yourself <3


Brittany said...

ahahah i love this video! your cracking me up with the eyeliner. im HORRIBLE but i wear it all the time. so i usually start out looking like a geisha and then take a ton off with a q tip ahahah

Brittany said...

eat soup and feel betterrr!

Anonymous said...

okay.... hiring you to do my makeup for me!!!!! how's 31892830129231 million dollas an hour?? so worth it, right?? :)

ps- you are so pretty for being sick. so pretty anyways, but when i'm just KNOW it!

XOOO, love ya julz! feel better!

Anonymous said...

Awww feel better!!! So glad you're back to blogging. I am going on a date tonght AHHH.. I haven't been on one in YEARS! So I may just be watching your tutorial and taking notes tonight as I'm getting ready lol.

You ARE hilarious lol. And I agree you are Beeeyouuuteafull!


Lo said...

omg girl you are back! I am so freakin stoked beyond belief :) is it weird i was just facebook creeping you, I mean I was bored on Facebook and stumbled upon your profie, and thought, "where the hell is this chica?" well I did, and now the blog gods brought us together again. Thanks for the eyeliner lession, teach, and now may I ask what foundation you use? and eye makeup remover?



Anonymous said...

you are such a sweet person!! thank you for your heart warming comments :)

1. thanks SO much for the tutorial. eyeliner is the one thing I really dont know how to rock.
2. your beautiful :)
3. have a great day!

Tina said...

Thank you sooo much for that sweet comment!! I absolutely loved your video. That white eye liner is killer! I'm gonna to need to try that out for myself soon.

Glad I found your blog too--you are gorgeous and hilarious!! Can't wait to see more :D

Maggie said...

You gorgeous girl!!

I'm so sorry you're sick :( Hope you're better now. Booo flu.

You have no pimples :P

I'm learning so much about makeup recently - love this post. I never knew you were supposed to spread your eye. NOW I understand!

I wear blush in my own house too. It makes me feel pretty :) I love the Bare Minerals "warmth", which I use as blush and I just put a lil all over for WARMTH. Hehe.

Blue Mercury in Princeton?? God, I miss home.

Hugs to you, sweetie :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Omg, omg, omg! I'm so excited you're back posting!! I can't watch the video right now because I have to work (boo) but I'm sure it is GUH-lorious, just like you lovie :)

Anonymous said...

Just found out you're blogging again...just have to say:

I freaking love you girl. <3

Anonymous said...

you are so effing hilar. i die a little each time i virtually stalk you (aka watch your vlogs)...can i just say, my make up NEVAH turns out like yours though.


J said...

Timeless beauty... I hope you're feeling better ASAP.

Thinspired said...

Hi missy! Ahh! I didn't realize you were back blogging! I loved this video. I am horrible when it comes to eyeliner so I am going to go out and buy some light liner like yours to make my eyes look bigger! Thanks for your tips! Oh, and I have that eyelash curler from Estee and love it, too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better now, my love! You are still radiant, as always.

Thanks for the eyeliner tutorial. I love playing around with fun colors, too... I need to find a big set of them that I like.

Anonymous said...

feel better SOON gorgey girl :) love yaaas

Anonymous said...

loved the tutorial!! You're gorgeous! I hope you feel better girl <3