Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Day, Madame! How may I assist you? Oh, waste 22 more minutes of your time? It would be an honor :D


I'm so obnox.

Hey Peeps! Got another video here!

In this one you shall find:

Answers to some questions from my last post!
A lot of dirty verbiage.
Some classic Julz Tongue (aka SPEECH. GROW UP Y'ALL!)
Quite a bit of eff's, sh!t's, and anything else that could offend someone. :D
A lot of organized chaos
22:36 minutes

Anyways, I hope you likey! Tell me what you want MORE of, LESS of, etc. For my next video I WILL BE GETTING THE TIME DOWN, by at LEAST 12 minutes. Don't worry. Ask me questions, and let me hear it all.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful Autumn day! Love love!


VeggieGirl said...

So nice that you, Jamie, and Amy are close - awesome friendships.

Ahh, hope you feel better soon!!

Yaaay, I recognize the bloggers who asked questions!! Haha. Elise, Amy, Kailey, Erin, etc.! :)

YES!! That container DOES look like the inside of a Christian Louboutin shoe - love it, haha :-D

LOVE that new palate!!

Good luck writing your paper ;)

Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries said...

"It was too long, there was no climax and it just wasn't good."

I hope that's NOT what she said!

What was Jamie's site you mentioned in the beg? I'm all for majestic writing, so I want to read!!

Hope you feel better and get le paper written!

PS Watching your vids makes me want to learn how to wear make-up, slash just BE YOU because you are, like, really pretty. That was me channeling Mean Girls... but fo serious, you're gorgeous.


amy. said...

Thanks for giving me multiple shoutouts. It made me evening. I'm so glad you and Jame got to cuddle, even though I'm sad I wasn't involved. Anyway, you deserve all the magical alone time with her! :)

LOVE the neutral MAC nail polish...and thanks for answering my question. Your nails always look fierce. I actually painted mine WHILE watching your vid. Heeeh!

Love the new palette <3

Question: How did you become so hot? How do you roll a good joint? How does one get lost on 95 and end up in Delaware, then West Chestah? How can I be like you? Meow.

Anonymous said...

haha amy's comment made me laugh!! i remember when you got lost!!

ummmmmmmm thank you. i love you. i dont mind that they are 20 min. i just gotta come back again to watch over with greater attention to the deets.


Anonymous said...

I just want to put you in my pocket and carry you around with me ALL DAY!!

You have given me such inspiration to throw on a fun face erryday! Like, when I'm feeling lazy I just think, "but Julz looks so bossy!" So I try.

Hahaha I love that you answered my coffee Q. AND I totes love the Louboutin container.

Still bursting over every new video post. Hugs and LOVE!!

Katie said...

SUPAH DUPAH fly ma!! You are so fun, entertaining and smokin ;) Lots to say:
1. no apologies for anything...do what YOU want!
2. feel better now please!
3. hope you were able to bust out a paper in record time!
4. sorry you had a 4 hr class tonite...the worst!
5. i'm not much of a make-up person but watchin and listening to you get so excited about your make-up routine and what not may have inspired me to pamper and beautify myself a little more
6. Question: what is your major and/or what do you want to do when you grow-up? forgive me if you have already told me but i forget!

love you boo!!


Anonymous said...

Don't ever apologize for tit shots. In fact, consider including more.
Creases are ill. No excuse for them. Prime and be done with it.
Do you remember Hard Candy polish, with the little rubber ring around the bottle? Or am I dating myself?
We are two peas in a Bare Min pod.
The 120! Oh mylanta.

Jordan said...

Tit shots aren't horrible hahahhaha.

You are so freakin' cute, it doesn't even matter what you do. Just post lots more videos, hhehe.