Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Product Review And Product Reveal...

Thirsty Thursday is here! (J/K, I don't really drink, but BRING 0N THE VAMPIRE BLOOD! (Who watches True Blood ? Anyone? That show is scary as $%*#.) And while I'm on the subject of amazing shows, IS ANYONE ELSE OBSESSED WITH THE BRILLIANCE THAT IS SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH ? OH MY GAWD. I DIE, Y'ALL!)

*** And if you don't watch it, GO TO THAT LINK RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS POST (ha) AND WATCH THE CLIP AND READ ABOUT THE CAST. You will be blown away.***

"Public School is so Random." - Ja'mie

"Welcome to Mr. G's room, G's room, G's room, Welcome to Mr. G's room, Come Inside." - Mr. G

(That's all I'm gonna say... And I may be randomly inserting lines on my posts... Just to entertain myself brighten you're day, of course.)

OKAY, now onto my product reveal. The FIRST is one that I use ALL THE TIME. It is a so-called "Weight Management" Vitamin, but I have never used it for that purpose, and I guarantee you, it won't do shit to your weight. PLZ. That's such Bullsh. Anyways, I use it as a Thickening Agent, be it for Oatbran, Cheesecake like Greek Yo (yes it can be SO much thicker!!!), Sauces, thickening up plain yogurt, smoothies, etc... The possibilities are endless. (But I'm SO sorry Veg*ns, this product does contain Gelatin... Sorry!!!)



Glucomannan Powder

They come in little capsules, which you empty into whatever you are using it with.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size  3

Servings Per Container  33

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value




  Total Carbohydrate

2 Gm


  Dietary Fiber

1.5 Gm



1.99 Gm



As a dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules before meals with a full glass of water.

Other Ingredients:   

Gelatin, rice flour.

Now, I have NEVER taken them with water (umm ew, thick water, wtf?), so I suppose I can't really give a correct product review, but, to shoutout to MA PEEPS WITH THE BILLS,


I will be featuring more recipes with Glucomannan in upcoming posts, so stay tuned and get excited, kiddies! But for now, I bring you one of my FAAAAVES: Greek Yogurt Cheesecake! (Individual servings and no mess, ow Oww!)

Julz's Greek-Yo Chizzlecake

1 indiv. ~ 6oz container of Greek Yogurt (Be it Fage, Oikos, Chobani, Voskos, TJ's 3/4 cup, TJ's indiv. flavored Greeks, whatevskii.)

Cinnamon (I use Organic Saigon... SO INCREDIBLE!)... As much as you likery

About 1/2-3/4 cap full Pure Vanilla Extract (Or you can use a cap full of Vanilla Coffee Syrup)

A pinch of Stevia (-PS- Trader Joe's Stevia is the best tasting eva. Whoops! Another reveal!)

Mix that all together and taste it to see if it fits for you. You can also add in some Maple, SF Maple, or ANY other syrups you so desire!! Have fun with it y'all!

And lastly, take two capsules of your Glucomannan powder (It's tasteless, Yeah!).

*** Be Careful when mixing in the powder that it doesn't come out... Be gentle at first, when incorporating, and then whip it quickly to get air into it. Give it a minute to sit and VOILA! You can also store it in the Fridge for lata***

And Enjoy! And if you hate it, you didn't get it from me! Yeah!

(PS) I know I do this on like every post now, but I have to thank you all again for your support. It's so RANDOM (SummerHeightsReppin.) when the grief hits me. Like last night, I was getting into bed and literally, I just LOST IT. I didn't even make it to the bed. I umm, woke up on the floor. And my heart hurt this morning. *Sigh. Your help has been SO AMAZING for me, AND my family. They have read your comments and were all brought to tears by how much y'all have been here for me, especially during this time. ***ONE DAY AT A TIME, RIGHT? Riiiighhtt??? This WILL get easier? YES, IT WILL. TIME TO GET MYSELF GOIN. ***

Until We Meet Again,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu, "May All Beings, Everywhere, Be Blessed with Happiness."




VeggieGirl said...

I love, love, LOVE that you're posting again, Julz - keep it all COOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!


foodsthatfit said...

I haven't tried that, might have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

public school is sooo chav!!!

haha I LOVE SUMMER HEIGHT HIGH! i didn't realize until the third epi that all three characters were played by the same guy - its crazy!

greendogwine said...

So glad you are back! Thick water - delish :P lol

ttfn300 said...

ooh, how cool is that? i'm intrigued :)

amy. said...

OMG thank you so much for reminding me of how much i love summa heights high! lyk no offense.

wow, thanks for the thickening secrets! i would love the thicken soy yogurts...great idea. i need to look into it. WUV you.

oh i gave ya a shout out on mi latest post, random k?


livelaughlyss said...

THANK HEAVENS YOU ARE BACK! you bring so much sunshine into my days! don't leave again! xoxo

just me said...

thats an interesting review! i'm glad you're back to posting!!

Lauryn said...

JULZ i am OBSESSED with SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH! "Welcome to Mr. G's room, G's room..." hahaha I LOVE that you love it too!!!

so glad you're back, you're doing an amazing job and i'm so glad that you're able to spill it all here. of course we love you and support you at all times! =)

thelongweigh said...

i love your posts! I havent seen Summer Heights High, but I think I need to! I loove TrueBlood though! Can't wait til it comes back!

Diana said...

I am glad you were feeling perky when you wrote this post because I was totally crackin up. You gots yo'self a mean sense of humaaah, yo.

HangryPants said...

Yeah I am really excited for your recent postings! It's like a little treat in my google reader.

Anyway, never heard of this product, but I can't believe you made greek yogurt thicker. Love!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...


k? k.. love you.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

summer heights is like crack to me.. in LOVE.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I'm dying to watch Summer Heights High, but we don't get HBO. Ugh!

I'm so wanting to try this Glucomannan Powder as I'm obsessed with all things pudding lately, and I bet this stuff would really thicken up my bowls! Thanks for the review Julz.

Yes, one day at a WILL get easier. You're strong and filled with love. Let it pour out onto others, but keep enough for yourself. There will always be a special place in your heart for Jilli, but time will soon heal the huge weight that is causing so much pain right now. I promise it won't be there forever. Promise!

Erin said...

Yay! I love your post. I've never heard of this, but it sounds AWESOME!
You're amazing and just remember it WILL get easier!

Danielle said...

My boyfriend's grandpa used this when after he had a stroke to thicken things to make them easier to swallow, I would never have though to used them in my own food. Thanks for a great review!
And that picture is beautiful!

ksgoodeats said...

Hooray for posting!! Love the review, doll :)

lovinmytummy said...

Some fitness book I read had a bunch of GLUE COME AGAIN? recipes in it, but I can't remember which it was now.

I have not watched that Summer Heights High show, though we DVRd it. If you are a fan, I'm in like Flynn. (Who is Flynn, btw?)

imadedinner said...

Interesting stuff there... seems like a molecular gastronomist's dream!

OH, and I'm OBSESSED with True Blood and can't wait for the next season! Guess I'm freaky like that :)

Vegan On Stage said...


I LOVE SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH!!!! its so freakin freakin funny

eatingbender said...

OhMaGa! That stuff sounds awesome! I've never heard of it before and I absolutely NEED to try Julz's Greek-Yo Chizzlecake! I'm going to look it up right after I finish commenting!

Also - I haven't watched Summer Heights High! Eek! I'm off to check out that clip. Thanks love!!

carolinebee said...

HAHAHHAHA WHY are we soulmates!?? Um...every time i read "fearless, fabulous, full of life"..i wish i had her phone number so i could call her Ja'mie. THAT is my dream. Love you booface!

dailygoods said...

never seen summer heights but now i wannaaaaa. i've heard of glucomannan before i think in women's health, and i've been intrigued. ive heard you've got to be careful because sometimes little clumps can get caught in your throat so make sure you mix it in really good! hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!! loveeee ya times 17907423907490327

jenniisst said...

ooh i've never heard of summer heights high before, but judging from the website, it looks hilarious.

thanks for the tip about cheesecake yogurt! yummmm.

have a lovely friday, gorgeous!

Emily said...

Hey hey...thanks so much for the sweetest comment ever! You are so beautiful, and your blog is fantastic; I am so happy that you found my blog, too!
Love & hugs and prayers right back at ya! :-)

Green Eyes, Green Heart said...

Love you, missed you, MUAAAHHH!!! <3

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Wow,Julz - I haven't visited you in a while and I just got here and caught up with all you have been going through. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart was aching for you while I was reading your posts. Never apologize for "being negative"; you were just sharing your feelings and there is nothing to feel badly for about doing that! I love all your pics; you are stunningly beautiful and you show that beauty inside and out! Hugs and kisses to you, doll!

sweetandfit said...

thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! I added you to my google reader too!

Erin said...

hey woman!!!!

wow i just caught up on ya blog

you are GORGEOUS my friend..

don't let ED get the best of that pretty face no more no moree

my friends always tell me to watch true blood... too scared.
i'm a wimp yo.

summah heights high on the otha hand.. HAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHA
i pee everytime i watch it.
its gross.


elise said...

did anyone ever tell you that youre the CUTEST...because you are! thanks for the comment lovee. keep spreadin' the love.


lilveggiepatch said...

I'm with Miss Veggie Girl... I'm so glad you're back!!! I love your recipe... as soon as Mama & Papa VeggiePatch come stock up my fridge, I'm going to make some of that goodness.

I need to get into true blood since GG is off until march... gotta get my procrastination on somehow!

peanutbutterandjuli said...


And, girl, you are so on it with cheesecake yogurt. Probably the best thing I have ever heard. I must try this STAT.

Have a great week!

And PS you crack me up- which is awkward when I'm sitting in the library trying to pretend to write a paper- but thanks :) I need a good laugh!

Juliet said...

Neat! It really sounds useful!! :) I've never heard of it before!

lesley said...

I just saw that you're posting again and I said, "HOORAY!" because I wasn't even around when you posted before ; ) Looking forward to it!!

Have a great Tuesday, hon!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

that sounds super interesting and fun to experiment with! thanks for the review!

petitfoodie said...

Thanks for the thickening trick! Brillant idea! I LOVE that photo of the ocean/seagull at the end of your post so beautiful!

Maggie said...

i wish i could visit you!!! i read true blood (well, i forget the name of which book it was, but it was in the series). I keep meaning to watch it!

Bobster LOVES summer heights high - it's pretty hysterical :) too bad it was only 1 season!

i hope you are getting some serious julz time and taking care of yourself :)

namaste, love and hugs darling!

dailygoods said...

ahh i haven't even met my cousing baby yet! but she is a dollll :) haha you and me would have been asian baby twinnys! i love ittt. hope to get together soon!!! and can't wait to hear how the play is doing! loveeee ya muchoo chica! xoxoxox

hopeinpeanutbutterandoats said...

no worries lil mama! i still luff you :)

Erin said...

omg. forgot to tell you..
i messaged a girl julia wise on FB and it WASNT YOU

you need to find me!
erin jones
immaculate heart academy

my picture..
well its me
in a white dress!!!



my brothrrrrr went thurrrrrrr

Emmy said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, it means alot to me, I live in north wales, so not far:)

dessertobsessed said...

wow crazy powder! thanks for the review! i've never heard of it until now!

elise said...

julz, i miss you, come back.


bhealthier said...

I LOVE that you are hear again, I honestly had you in my thoughts everytime I have posted and I was almost afraid to check back with your blog because you hadn't posted in so long.

I love your humor, I admire your strength, I hope you find every happiness out of life, you are also outrageously gorgeous and could be a wondeful model! i missed your face.

rock on chizzlecakes

jesslikesithot said...

Julz!!! THANK YOU!!! :)
wowww I almost feel star struck!! hahaa!.....all I ever see on every girl's blog is how amazing and adorable and fun you are and here I see a comment from you!! made my day!

Noodlegirl said...

Ahh True Blood yes I do watch it wonder whats gonna happen! I must say they added more characters than the book!

healthyambition said...

I absolutely love love love Summer Heights High!!! LOOOOVE.

Two of the girls who play Ja'mie's friends went to my high school!

Have you seen "We Could Be Heroes"? It's by the same guy and he plays about 5 characters in it (including Ja'mie).

It's VERY Australian humour - so awesome to hear you like it!

My favourite Ja'mie quotes -

"You know what would be embarrassing, having your head" - Ja'mie

"You told me you were anorexic. Obviously you were lying"

"I think what happens is, like, out in the outer suburbs, like, ugly people breed with other ugly people, right. So you end with really fugly kids. So that’s why you look around a public school and on average, like no offence, but people are more fugly. Whereas in a private school area, in a rich school area… (shut up, let me explain), in a rich area, like, hotter people breed with hot people and have hotter kids."

Ok... I'll stop now.

Grea blog, by the way :-)