Thursday, July 10, 2008

How are the kiddles doing, you ask?

My children have been doing spectacularly well! They much adore their mother being less active (still boot-bound... Will address lata), and have been enjoying each other's company, as well!

As Boo has gotten older (he is now 1), we've noticed, more than ever, some pretty peculiar behaviors. When, for example, someone comes to visit the house, rather than running up to them with a chew toy in mouth, he runs up, tail-a-waggin, and rubs up against them... like a... umm... CAT. Yes, that's right. Buddha has officially become My's "mini-me" and spends much of his time indoors, watching the birds through the windows. He also has taken to Mylo's catnip and though he totally fakes it, we allow him to "trip" right along with Mylo. [Sometime, if you all so desire, I will video record Mylo "on" Catnip. You will NOT be dissapointed. It's WONDERFULLY entertaining!)

Anyways, below are some photos of the kids! Enjoy lovebugs!

The Buddha Bear...Hair quite full, but not out of control... (yet)




See the distinction? Poor little guy, he couldn't see ANYTHING... Can't see what he is sitting on? Oh well, allow me to show you how he "sits" atop my dad's favorite chair... (Quite unusual, no?)


I just adore him <33333


(Snuggled up with Jim)

Now, not too long before the above two photos were taken, Boo's hair got to this point...


Notice the reverse mohawk... Complements of Le Gravity :)

And the other child? Oh, he's been splendid! His hair? Always in order... (Complements of Le Shedding)

Perched atop his bear in his room!


Camera-Ready! Such a beautiful cat, I have <3


Perfect hair, PURRRfect socks! (Wuv the socks!)


Together: (Though they firmly believed each was having his own photoshoot... Shhh! Don't tell them!)



ashley said...

I LOVE the pictures! How stinkin' cute! Too funny that the pup sits like that on the chair!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely Friday afternoon pics!

Ummm isn't "reverse mohawk" actually a butt cut?

Hehe, I haven't said butt cut in years.

I figured I would add another butt cut photo to go along with stylish Buddha.

Apologies--I am trying to kill time until 5. :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hahahaha with your first senence, I got all confused, thinking, "She has children?!"

Oh, and in regards to your previous post: have I told you before how beautiful you are?!

Anonymous said...

LOL - looks like my hair when i get out of bed in the am :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those pictures! The "socks" are too cute :o) I also know the feeling of having many different hair days - esp. curly hair + humidity! EEK!

Simple and Divine said...

Ash: Thanks!

S+S: Haha, I've never even heard of the phrase, "butt cut," but I definitely dig it :) I love that picture hahaha, so funny!

Twin: Yes, I have children... Although my mom would tell you otherwise: "I am not a grandmother yet, Julz!!" haha... Little does she know! (TOTALLY JOKING!!) You are the sweetest! I know I've mentioned it to you, but you = (in french accent) supermodel gorgy :)

Linds: HAHA! That had me laughing out loud! Too cute!

Jenn: I know I heart Mylo's socks! And am 100% with you on the hair days! Today called for our friend, baseball cap! ;)