Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Eats and Some Fleurs!

As previously mentioned, I have not been taking pictures of my cooking, WHICH IS SO GOSH DARN UNFORTUNATE!!! Basically, I've been conjuring up all sorts of goodies and... GETTING PAID! Yessir, I have been cooking meals for couples and families! It's so much fun! This week I made lots of (DIVINE) Yellow Tomato Gazpacho, with roasted yellow (!!!) and red grape tomatoes, some fage and a tiny drizzle of balsamic reduction, Crabcakes over mixed greens with a peanut vinaigrette, Crispy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps, Smoked Salmon Pizza-Tartlettes, and LOTS AND LOTS of freshly cut fruit and crudite platters! It's been such a blast, I cannot even tell you guys! (Not to jinx ANYTHING, but I'm also in the process of completing my interviews with... Drumroll please...


Tell me that's not SUPER exciting??!?! I am hoping I get the job... It would be as a "retail specialist" for prepared foods/general grocery consultant! (OKAY, now we're changing the topic of conversation because lord help me if I am jinxing myself! Eeep!!)

Anyways, as I stated above, I've been cooking A LOT, and making all sorts of delectable goodies (even more for my family, of course)! Here are some pictures that I managed to snap. Although they leave much to be desired (sorry!), I'll briefly give y'all the LD on those shown!

UN-EFFING-REAL Thai Green Curry!!

(IT WAS REALLY GREEN! Just didn't photograph well... at all... ew, I'm sorry.)

P6030043.JPGThis is my recipe and unfortunately, I didn't write it down! I could smack myself silly for this, but I will definitely be making this soon enough, so I will write EVERYTHING DOWN when I do!!

It contained: Sauteed: Cauliflower, carrots, red onion, fennel, garlic, Lite Coconut Milk, a touch of Coconut Extract, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, A touch of agave, green curry paste, curry powder (the veggies were all sauteed with curry powder, as well), dried cilantro, pureed LeSeur Peas, whole LeSeur Peas, LOTS of cinnamon, some ground cumin, Chicken stock (You could use veggie stock), some glucomannan powder for thickening, nutmeg, lots of cracked black pepper (fresh, obvs), some red pepper flakes, ground cloves... umm.... There was more (I think!?) but I can't remember. Just trust that my mom said: "This is definitely among the best sweet curries I've ever had! "(SHE LIVED IN INDIA/NEPAL!!) BTW, I covered this and cooked it for probably around 2.5-3 hours stove top! Though the veggies were too soft for my liking, the flavors were beyond amazing... I can't wait to get the recipe out!) -PS- Topped with fage = ideal.

However, I find that it is most fun to add your own toppings to dishes such as the one you see above, so...

(Vertical View.)


(Horizontal View.)

P6030062.JPGSauteed Zucchini and Yellow Squash, Green Peas + LeSeur Peas, Sauteed Tofu (everyone devoured this!), sauteed artichoke hearts (mmmm), and these GORGEOUS 16/20 Shrimp that I cooked in a saute pan, as well.

This part was SO fun! The peas were perfection! In the future, I would add in raw zucchini and squash (but cut like spaghetti) rather than sauteed... Just personal preference.

ODD LITTLE NOTE: This is random, sorry! Recently (the above photos are from not-so-recently, I don't have a taste/appetite/desire to eat cooked foods. Like AT ALL. I haven't eaten any meat in quite some time, other than fish that I had and didn't care for. Shrimp = my only "meat" type of food. Cooked veggies have totally been replaced with finely julienned raw veggies that I prefer to eat with a little bit of Whole Foods's Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce. I am EXTREMELY picky about tomato sauce, and tomatoes, in gen. --Always have been, and though I've been eating them by the DOUBLE PINT FULL (great for my reflux... Actually, my reflux hasn't been saying much recently! Maybe I overcame it?? Is this possible?), I only like sweet tomatoes. Cherry Tomatoes = ICK! Grape Tomatoes = L.E.R.V.E. (No, I haven't gotten Salmonella... And no, I have not stopped consuming tomatoes!) Anyways, I don't know why I've been like this, but the only veggies I want to eat cooked are broccoli! Steamed (DOI) = amazing. I ate some with my brekkie yesterday and they were SPECTACULAR! Oh and I also had some asparagus today that were steamed, so maybe I'm completely lying to you. No, I'm not. My taste for raw food has DEF become stronger (Carrots? Just bought my second 5 lb bag of the WEEK. My fave <3)

ODD LITTLE NOTE DEUX: "Tomato Contraversy" = Jalepeno Contraversy? Seems to me like someone invented this to take down Salsa lovers everywhere. BETCH. I love me some salsa!!YOU CAN'T TAKE ME DOWN!!!






A Couple Random Snapshots:

The incredible orchid I picked up for my mommy at PRODUCE JUNCTION for $11.99!! It was HUGE! (5 months old here, too!!) I heart orchids, so!


More Angles!


Last one!

P6030060.JPGTruly breathtaking, in my opinion!

You want more flowers? Here are some!


We love flowers here at my house! My mom is ALWAYS planting, buying, and gawking at flowers... My parents were married inside of the horticultural center, after all!



Y'all know an entire post will be devoted to this beauty <333


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Anonymous said...

Um I loved your raw food comment. I go through at least 3 lbs of carrots a week and am a little embarassed about it.

I feel better now knowing I am in good company.

Thank you for your insight- I def. want to try that sauce!

Keep us informed about WF_ that would be so amazing!