Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doing it in segments this time... PLEASE SAVE!!

Okay, so for the sake of saving time aaaand because I want to blog about HERE and NOW, I am going to do a quick photo-recap of my life since we all last spoke!  I don't want to bore any of you, so if this leaves much to be desired, I apologize and will refrain from posting the rest!  I have rewritten this post multiple times today and am getting a tad bit annoyed with blogger... And my flickr account wont connect the two!  How can I upload pictures without having to reorder everything/resave in a new post?!  (I apologize in advance for not having many food pictures on here... I didn't take any at the restaurant because they would have all been of meat on stakes, and I knew that there were one or two (haha) blogging babes who would not be so appreciative of those (Include yours truly in there!)  LOTS MORE PICTURES TO UPLOAD AND LOTS MORE POSTS TO COME! MUST HOP TO <333>

A WONDERFUL 20th Birthday, indeed.

Cris[tin] (Brother's soulmate), S+D, Mommy, Grammy

Tres Generations!

James does this quite often 

Normal and Lovely!

My Daddy and I!

Now with my Beautiful Grandmother

They look so weird here, the picture didn't come out so well, I suppose            (Sorry guys!)

With my flan! (Unfortunately, I don't like flan... So this was the only downer)

Being silly with my dad's specs 

The restaurant was Fogo de Chao and while it was lots of fun, the food was a little overwhelming for a non-meat eater!  I wanted to go because my mom, dad, brother, and Grammy all love meat, and they have the "best salad bar in the city" according to the 4-seasons concierge (Basically free-411...).  (For anyone who doesn't know... I LIVE FOR SALAD BARS! My mom and I go crazy for them, and we hold our calibers quite high! haha) I would have to disagree because while it is WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, Fogo's got NUTTIN on.....

 My Whole Foods Market <333

(Man, I love Never Been Kissed SO much! Good times, good times!)


VeggieGirl said...

Julz!! What a sensational birthday celebration you had - thank goodness you were able to upload the photographs! :0)

ashley said...

You are the cutest thing ever! It looks like such a sweet time! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

(And I am jealous of your WF. Yours looks biiiig!)

Runeatrepeat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are beautiful! Hope you had a great time. I have yet to find a salad bar that beats WF - which is why I go back even after the "incident".

Anonymous said...

You are adorable and have such a lovely family! It looks like you had an awesome time. So glad to hear some updates from you and see some pictures. I hope you are able to post more often!

John J. Kaiser said...

That is way too many pretty women in one post. ;-) Should put a warning on there for men with heart problems. HA!

Anonymous said...

cute pics pretty lady. and happy b-day!

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD you enjoyed your birthday celebration (minus the flan! haha) You are just gorgeous Ms. Julz, and have such a lovely family! Of COURSE we want to hear more about your lovey adventures since you've last posted - I can't wait :o)

I LOVE salad bars too!! Whole Foods = AMAZING.

Have a fantastic Friday!!

Anonymous said...

I always want to go to Fogo de Chao in DC but I never can justify the cost. I simply don't think I can eat $50 worth of food in one sitting. But I do hear the restaurant is fabulous.

Happy 20th birthday. You look fabulous (and so does your grandmother, what good genes you have!!!)

Fitnessista said...

you are absolutely gorgeous! your bday celebration looks like it was a blasty.
i'm also a HUGE fan of salad bars :)

happy friday!

Simple and Divine said...

Thank you's and blogsphere hugs all across the board! Y'all are way too nice, and I (honestly and truly) believe that each and every one of YOU are so beautiful. Our dedication to health justifies that one ;) Seriously, thank you SO much for the sweeter than sweet comments!

(MAC USERS! DOWNLOAD ECTO!!!!!! It makes blogging a BREEZE! No more blogger uploads for moi and I couldn't be more THRILLED about it! )

Irbas said...

your family is totally stunning.

i went to fogo de chao for the first time in april. the salad bar was loads of fun as was the general environment, but i agree.. the whole foods salad bar (in cranston, ri at least) is so much better!!!!

Anonymous said...

JULZ I just downloaded ECTO!! I can't WAIT to use it - I only got it as a two week free trial though...did you find it for free continuously or are you planning to buy it eventually?

Simple and Divine said...

irbas: Yeah, I've never seen a salad bar that ever compared to WF. The day I go to Union Square is the day my life becomes complete, I just know it :)

Jenn: YAY! I got a 21 day free trial and I wanted to see what it was like before I went ahead and made the purchase! But I love it! I don't know about wordpress, but blogger takes me FOREVER to do one post! It's quite the pain sometimes, so r.shack hooked me up and I am in blogging bliss <3