Wednesday, July 16, 2008


PLEASE HELP!!! I have known about this for about a month now, but did not know that there was a petition until this evening.  I cannot NOT post about this, as I am literally IN TEARS, hysterically, so overwhelmed by the cruelty of this f*cked up piece of worthless shit, who considers starving a poor, innocent dog to his death, "art."  I'm sorry to have to be negative, yet again, but I just signed this petition.  PLEASE HELP AND SIGN IT!!!! PLEASE!

I have no other words.  This just makes me SO upset, I cannot even find anything else to say.  UGH.

(A HUGE THANK YOU to Gluten-Free Vegan, Renee, for bringing this petition to my attention!!!)


R. Shack said...

Thanks for sharing this Julz.


ashley said...

For some stupid reason I decided to investigate this further RIGHT BEFORE BED last night. I found pictures of this "art." Unbelievable. I also read claims that the "artist" actually fed the dog and took care of it. Yeah, sure he did. I hope those people who walked around the dog to "observe the art" feel disgusting. The entire thing is just cruel. The poor, helpless dog. I hope the "artist" is treated the same way.

Unfortunately, animals are treated poorly every day. Hello, slaughterhouses! Utterly sickening.

Fitnessista said...

i found out about this via facebook about a month ago and it broke my heart. thank you for bringing attention to this truly disgusting and utterly cruel situation.

John J. Kaiser said...

What contemptible behavior. Disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julz, nice to meet you :) Thank you so much! That's so very kind of you. I'm very passionate about what I do.
Of course you can add me to your blogroll, it would be my honor.

Thanks again, talk to you soon!

Oh, PS - I think something has been done in regards to this artist and his exhibit...

Sharon said...

I read about that, but I think it was a hoax, like it wasn't true or something. Someone posted in a forum, and then others googled it being a scam or something.