Friday, March 21, 2008

All good in the hood

So remember how I said (yesterday) that step totally kicked my tush? Wellllllll, not only did it kick that, but this morning I woke up with a special greeting from my calves...As if they were saying, "Yeah, we're still here and bc you don't strengthen us enough, now you'll pay betch". (That was odd.) I got out of bed and WHOOMPH! I basically fell back onto my bed as my calves were SO tight they wouldn't even fully expand enough for me to straighten my legs! That's so weeeiiirrrdd and I'm not too happy

SO I think I am going to take today off of exercise. It seems like the perfect day to do it! I don't ever plan to do this, only because I rarely have to. I always listen to my body and exercise accordingly (havn't always been able to, but I've worked very hard to get to this point, and I think it's fabu)

(PS) Did I obnoxiously mention (yet) that my professors canceled classes for today? Yessm, thaaaaaat's right! I'm a free woman. And for some reason I feel like a badass, despite the fact that I havn't done anything that would make me one. That being said, I think I'm going to go downtown today!
This is so embarrassing: I just found the receipts for my holiday season gift returns...they were in my car, UGH. Isn't that lame? I neeeed to return these clothes today! Hopefully I'll be able to get lots of walking in when I do that. I need to warm up my legs! PLUS I have to call Buddha's fancy pet salon (they're in the city, too) and see if they can get him in today. He's SO cute but being 9.5 months old, his hair is transitioning from puppy to (sniffle, sniffle) adult, so the upkeep requires more attention. But don't get me wrong, I am in NO way a "froofy" poodle person. He will be a fluffernutter for sure! And all they do is shave his snout/eye region because if not, the Boo can't see! Speaking of which, the little scraps just came over to say hi! Gosh I love him!

I took this picture of the Buddha just the other day
Quite the little hottie, no?

And here we have a video! Buddha LOVES to play outside! We have a huge backyard (about 3.5 acres) so he can run and play like it's his job. He plays with the soccer ball for hours and it's adorable. HOWEVER, when it's time for the little man to come inside, it's a whole nother story. Cute? Yes, of course. BUT he comes to the side door, paws/knocks on it, and then when I go to let him in? Well you take a look and see...
(Please note: He's SUCH a Ham and goes even further with his little act whenever I have my camera out! DIVA!)

I'm off to do a little studying before going downtown... Now that I think of it, I may just go shop at Suburban Square. It has all the shops that are downtown (that I'm in the mood to go to today, plus the most gorgeous little gourmet farmer's market, Ardmore Farmers Market in the square. And even BETTER, my mom's medical spa is right by there so I can go visit her

I hope everyone has a great day! My first store stop is Best Buy to get that charger! (Just wanted you to know haha)
My returning post will have lots of food pics, I promise!!


Amanda Wheeler said...

Hey, thanks for the comment.

Love your pup. We have a Basset Hound :)

Mel said...

Your dog is PRECIOUS!! I have two labs- one black and one yellow, and they both do the same thing! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and um, of course you can put me on your blogroll! And I'll do the same :) All your posts look awesome :)

Anonymous said...

this is going to be very awkward commenting on this post baha, but i was at that little shopping square today :) love it, it's adorable
<3 ya maaaa