Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy First Day of Spring to everyone! This makes me SO happy...Despite the cold weather today, the sun is STRUGGLING to peak through! GO SUN!

Step this morning KICKED MY BUTT! We all agreed it was Seasun's hardest class in a while! Today she incorporated tons of Calisthenics which felt so good, but there were definitely moments where I wanted to kill her haha. In a good way, of course! ;) Before step I had my usual breakfast (I have to eat RIGHT when I wake up!) of lots of fresh cut fruit and Lactaid cottage cheese (my stomach doesn't do well with grains first thing in the AM, especially before a workout!). And of course, Decaf English Breakfast tea with a S+L (which I'm slowly trying to ween myself off of.)

Anyway, I'm now home and have got to get down to writing this paper for English! I've been procrastinating on it really badly, and get this, it's due TODAY! Ahh! And with that, I'm out! I'm hopefully getting my charger tonight, and then I'll upload my pictures! sorry... Have a Fabulous Day Everyone!

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