Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back to School!

We got home at 2AM from Cancun (our flight was delayed three hours!!!), and I passed out as soon as I greeted my puppy Buddha, my cat Mylo, my dad, and Jimbo. I woke up the next day at 12! I can NEVER get enough of my bed! For the holidays this year one of Jimmy and my big presents were new beds for both of us! But no, they weren't just any old beds...Ritz Carlton Beds!!!! AKA BEYOND HEAVEN. I need to sleep really well in order to function. I wake up around 7/7:30 every morning, but require a solid 7-8 hours each night, or I really feel like shapoops! Anyways, I woke up and was SUPER excited to get into the kitchen!

While still in Cancun, Mom and I had emailed Jimmy a grocery list with specific instructions :) Haha, poor kid. He emailed me back and was like, "Is grocery shopping honestly this thought out???" I guess since I ADORE the experience, I never think of it as a hassle, but for my brother, it was like being on a different planet. I do most, if not all of the food prep and cooking for my family (in between classes) and have been since I was about 15. I LOVE IT and so do my parents (naturally...they come home to dinner made, the dishes cleaned and a house stocked full of fresh groceries every day). Fortunately, I still live with them so I can buy groceries, but they pay for them...SO LUCKY I KNOW!!! Their market of choice? Whole Foods! That morning I woke up and cut up TONS of fruit for the week! Cantaloup, Honeydew, Papaya, Mango, Kiwis, and Strawberries! Mmmmmmm! Jimbo you did a GREAT job!) Okay, no lie, this papaya was HUGE! Over the summer we lived in Kailua Kona, HI (our cousins live there and went away for the whole summer! They asked us to dog sit. It was SO nice!) and we had 2 papaya trees (2 good ones, that is) and 3 mango trees (we also had banana trees!). Everyday, 10-15 mangos were perfectly ripe! We had to slice and freeze them because we couldn't eat them fast enough! They were magically delicious, seriously, those things put you in a trance! We had papayas in EXCESS...I mean, OVERKILL! I couldn't stand them when we were there, isn't that awful! But now I loooove them :) Kind of ironic, no? Anyways, Jim bought us two papayas from WF that were beyond ginormous. Here's one:


Mixed Fruit!

Strawberries and Kiwis!

Strawberries...I couldn't choose which photo!

Boy am I tired! Tomorrow is my LOOONG day of classes! Tomorrow morning I have Advanced Step which I LOVE! The instructor, Seasun, is incredible! She totally makes the class SUCH a blast...It's a killer, but it's so much fun and I look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday! I like to mix up my exercise throughout the week! Monday I swam, Yesterday was step for an hour and 15, today I did 6.4 miles in the gym, tomorrow's step, Friday's swim, Saturday is step, Sunday is swim etc etc. It makes me look forward to each day, ESPECIALLY because I workout in ways that I truly enjoy, so I never feel like, "ugh, I have to workout". I wake up excited for them! Anyway, after step tomorrow I have to shower and get ready for my day of classes that go until 9PM! How gross! I bring my stuff to the gym and shower there because it makes so much more sense that way. My mom has off tomorrow, but I'll barely get to see her because of all my classes! Boo. Oh well, Night Everyone! Sleep Sweet :)


Lindsay said...

I am deathly scared of taking a step class at my gym (LA Fitness)... I keep saying I'm going to give it a try but I am so uncoordinated :)

I am loving all your fresh fruit pics!

ashley said...

Okay- that fruit looks scrumptious! I love your blog- it's so uplifting!

And how have I not found it before? We read all of the same blogs! Love of Oats; Carrots and Cake; Eat, Live, Run; Kath Eats..... anyways!

Thanks for your comment. My Pride is hitting the roof! :)

Simple and Divine said...

Lindsay: DON'T BE AFRAID!!! I just started doing step a month ago and it's SO much's kind of ridiculous that it works you that hard bc it's a BLAST! I will say though that after my 6 miles on weds and step yesterday my calves are so sore/tight I can't really walk haha...but take step!!! You have to, you'll love it

Did I mention I'm DEATHLY afraid of Spinning???

Ashley: I just started my blog actually (as you'll be able to see)...It's only a baby :) I'll add you to my blogroll! (I think I already did, but just in case :) )

Anonymous said...

That is some nice looking fruit! Congrats on the new blog! :)

Hopie said...

Beautiful fruit pictures! They made my mouth water. Good luck with your new blog. But watch out, it's addictive ;-)