Saturday, March 22, 2008

Come on calves, time to stop being HERMITS

The good ol' alarm went off this morning at 6:45am, but there was no way I was getting up. My best friend Josh and I made dinner at my house and ate late (I prefer to eat early, but whatevs) and ate too much, lol. We had a blast together though! I'm posting my pictures later this afternoon, because after snoozing my alarm twice, I have to run and get ready for step at 8! My calves are still SO sore...But I LVE step, and I don't want to miss my girls! Yesterday, I ended up simply staying put because I was really that sore. I'm not sure what's goin on down there (that sounded inappropriate, my b), but I'd never been that sore before! Oh well, I guess they really did need some resting afterall!

I woke up and made myself some yummy Decaf EB tea (in my faaavorite My Fair Lady mug...dork!) and had lots of fresh cut fruit and a serving of cottage cheese. I think it's the protein, carbs and fiber that work so well together in that combo! My stomach is so sensitive in the mornings...Oatmeal is too dense for me, unfortunately, which explains why I've never grown to love it as much as EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Ahh, I gotta run, I'll post my pics later though, don't worry!


Lindsay said...

ugh that is the worst... i always have that soreness in my arms and it's such a pain (hehe literally!)... hope you have a great day ;)

by the way - i love your dog, he is so cute!

ashley said...

Good luck with your step class.
I laugh because as I am reading this, I'm enjoying a HUGE bowl of oatmeal and banana!

Simple and Divine said...

Linds: I'm SO super glad I went though because now they feel BUTTLOADS better ;) And I Love the Buddha man too! OMG, he's so funny! Last night when I was with Josh he snuck into the kitchen, jumped up on the counter and proceeded to "counter surf" his way over to his treat bin, where he pushed the lid off with his nose and ate like 25 milk bones! And then went to bed...haha! SO SNEAKY and SUCH A PIG! By the way, his "counter surfing" involves him jumping up with his two front paws on the counter and "walking/surfing" along the counter to get to the other side. SO FUNNY! I'll put up a video :)

Ash: Thanks for the good luck wishes! You're too sweet! Ahh Bananas are SO hard for me to digest too! :( Why me? Why me?


Lindsay said...

LOL :) I can just picture that, that must have been so funny!!! I'm sorry to hear you can't stomach oatmeal+bananas, that is my favorite combo ~ although your breakfast sounds delish!

Happy Saturday :)

Simple and Divine said...

It's definitely the combo together, too! I can do a little mashed and heated banana in fage (serious addiction alert!) but have to be careful :(

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its good to take a rest from exercise- it leads to better results! My brother is a personal trainer and he said that abs actually develop better if you have a day of rest in between. Sweet!
I too am enjoying a huge bowl of oatmeal ^^ Have you tried other types and brands? Maybe its a matter of finding a combination you like and cooking it well. I used to hate oatmeal because my mum made it so bad! The packet mixes are great though :D
Sorry about the rambling- I like your blog!

Simple and Divine said...

Beans: RAMBLE AWAY :) I love to ramble...and it's no secret that foodies like to ramble haha! Oh I COMPLETELY agree with the day of rest! I don't do weights enough/don't EVER do the same muscle groups two days in a row...I need to incorporate more tho! And that's HOT that your brother's a personal trainer! My brother's like, "What the hell is a step class, Julia?" haha

Leng said...

Hi!!! I saw your comment on my blog.
Of course it's okay if you add me to your blog roll. No need to ask. haha.

Your poor calves. Try stretching it in the hot shower, or jacuzzi, if your gym has one, that'll do the trick. I've never actually been a step fan--I have no coordination. I signed up for the class once, but ended up walking out the first 10 minutes. Just couldn't do it.

Have a nice weekend.

Lisa said...

fruit and cottage cheese. mmmm. one of my favorite snacks. cottage cheese reminds me of childhood, for some odd reason.

and yes to blog roll. thanks for adding me!