Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter to all the beautiful bunnies out there! (sap...)
I don't celebrate the holiday at all, but I absolutely love seeing everyone out with their families, dressed-up, going to and from church. It's chilly outside, but the sun is shining so I'm NOT complaining...I'm at my mom's work right now, and brought my camera (we're going out to dinner tonight, not sure where yet) but not the chord, SORRY! I know I've been bad about my pictures/posts, but it's not as easy as it looks to always remember to snap that picture! I have to be more mindful...I promise I'll be better girls!
Today started out like any other Sunday! Woke up, ate my ushe (fruit+Lactaid) which was DIVINE. I mean how could it not be, right?
Well, once I woke up it was like any other Sunday...Buddha came into my room this morning EARLY...I mean like 5:30am, which for me is early on a Sunday! He stuck his little nose inside of the covers haha...little PERVE! I shoo'd him away, which he did NOT appreciate. Au contraire my blogging beauties, the little scraps proceeded to try and PULL all of the covers off of my bed. It was SO cold in my room! Finally I got out of bed, scooped up all 55 pounds of this fluff and put him on my bed. He passed out in 5 seconds! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BED! I had to squeeze myself up against the wall JUST so I could get onto the bed. GRRRR Buddha! As he lay there SNORING (yes, he snores SO loud and burps allthetime), I lay awake trying to somehow find bliss in being scrunched up against the wall...oy. We slept until he woke me up at 9:25 for breakfast. Needless to say, I'm a little tired still, but that's the life of a puppy owner I guess!
For lunch my mom and I shared some leftover baked grouper and sauteed spinach (I have pictures, but not my chord ) along with a little Seafood Salad with Citrus Vinagrette from Whole Foods, which I ADORE! So fresh and so clean! It has calamari rings, shrimp, bay scallops, fennel, red onion, and yellow and red bell peppers! It's SO good! Around 1 we left to go swimming at our gym, but when we got there it was CLOSED! And they told us last week they'd be open on Easter . So we drove back home and took Buddha for a walk. He LOOOVED it! Except for when he got bullied by these two adorable cocker spaniels. And by "bullied," I mean they merely stood there and Buddha scurried behind Mom and I. He's SUCH a frady-cat, you guys, it's pathetic.
And now we're out here! We're going to the King of Prussia mall (amazing) to return some clothes to Urban Outfitters and run to potterybarn/crate&barrel(!!!) and then meet my Dad for dinner. Not sure where yet, but we're both craving a great saladbar! If anyone knows of any in the Philadelphia area let me know! HAPPY EASTER TO ALL WHO CELEBRATE Send some jellybeans and chocolate my way, if you get the chance!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE KOP mall :) And Urban Outfitters... It's so big & overwhelming isn't it haha... I'm trying to think of big salad bar places near where you are at, the only place I can think of is Ruby Tuesdays and maybe Steak and Ale (in NE Philly)... I love Bertollini's restaurant in KOP though...That stinks your gym wasn't open! Can't wait to hear where you wound up for dinner :-)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

OMG I love KOP too! I went to school in Philadelphia fo my first year of college, and we had a bus that would take us on day trips to KOP.

I've never seen purple asparagus... I've never even heard of it, but now I'm going to look out for it, because it sounds so fun!

Happy Easter!

Lindsay said...

Me again :) You've been tagged, see my blog for details :)

Simple and Divine said...

Linds: It's SO overwhelming! Ewww our dinner place was NOT good...Don't go to IronHill Brewery. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian Steakhouse (I think on Chestnut) and while I do not eat any red meat, they supposedly have the BEST saladbar around. Personally, I think WF's is divine, but not for a nice dinner, haha :) You're SO sweet though for the suggestions! I've never been to Steak and Ale either! I'll have to try it :) OHHH, and California Cafe is so good in the mall and they have the BIGGEST salads ever (Asian is my fave!)

Chocolatecoveredvegan: You did?!?! Where? OMG, I have to limit myself to like 2-4 times a YEAR or I'll go BROKE. Most of the time I'm so overwhelmed anyway, I can't figure out where I want to go! LOL And the purple asparagus are amazing. You know what else is amazing? That you STILL read my comment in the midst of the other 800,000 that you get everyday! You're too sweet :) Happy Easter to you too!!

toni elle. said...

you make me smile. i love that you love my photos. :) it truely means a lot. keep checking up!