Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Post! weeeeeeeeeeeee!! =)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii :)

This is SO exciting! (If you could see my face right now...SUPER CHEESER!) My first post of my first blog (everrr) is going to be a shmorgesborg of the past week/ten days...LONG STORY SHORT: Last week was my spring break and ever since I was 14, my beautiful mom and I have gone away together, just the two of us. My dad travels like a MAD MAN during the spring for work and my brother Jimmy has always had a different break than me. ANYWAYS, this year mom and I went to Cancun! I know, I know, CANCUN WITH YOUR MOTHER?!?!?! But noooo, we didn't do Cancun that way! We stayed at this beauuuuuutiful resort called, Le Blanc that was absolutely DIVINE.

All potential serious couples/honeymooners/married readers YOU MUST GO! Save up and doooo it! It's just the bee's knees =). My mom has really special taste and every trip we've taken together has been magical. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing relationship with both my parents (Love you Guys!!...ahem, dork...)

OK, so now for my point of telling you all of this mumblejumble: I left my camera charger in Cancun! Ughh, I always leave something in a foreign country, damnit! Don't even get me started on this of my BIG TIME pet-peeves of myself! I'm planning on getting a new charger either tonight or tomorrow, but considering I probably won't have any readers for a little while, that shouldn't bother you guys too much (is anyone out there?? hello???)

NOW for some pictures =) First up, we have a couple of enchanting sunsets (I loooove sunsets!) from our room that I just HAD to show you!


I was totally random with my food pictures in Cancun! I think it was a matter of whether or not I had my camera with me...I would leave it in our room every once in a while (in the safe, of course!). The resort was all-inclusive and had many FABULOUS restaurants, all of which were delish and full of healthy options! (My family has always been classified as a "health nut" family...though by NO means are we "perfect"! We love food and enjoy decadent meals/desserts on special occasions =). So here are the pictures...

Beautiful papaya at Lunch (Is that a presentation or what?)

Amazing + GORGEOUS cappuccino with skim

Le Blanc Orient (Asian Fusion)
Each restaurant gave you a sampler while you decided what to order (aka too much food!)...I'm not big on fried food (personal preference since I was little, but my mom LOVED these!) On the bamboo skewers are fried plantains with a soy glaze (the glaze was soooo good, the plantains not my cup of tea) In the back is a veggie spring roll. There are four different dipping sauces for the next appetizer that came...drum roll please...

Close-up :)

SASHIMI <333333333
(nuff said)

Wine and Dine =)
OK, so confession time: Yes, I want to go to culinary school (scratch that---NEED to go to culinary school), but my real passion? WINE!!! Yes, that's right! One of my dreams is to be a sommelier, and teach people how to pair together incredible wine with incredible food. I grew up in a Jewish household where wine was a blessing and deeply treasured! I was exposed to it's marvels at a very young age (just sips before some meals). Other than wine, I don't drink ever. I just don't care for the feeling and I don't drink enough wine to feel anything anyway...Ok, enough with being defensive, Julia. The truth is, I adore it and although I am not of age in the US, I was in Mexico! HA! So here we go...FIRST: With the Sashimi, we had my FAVORITE white wine possibly of all time (so far, at least). It's a 2005 Oroya from Tierra de Castilla, Spain and it was made specifically for pairing with sushi (even though it's not a sake). I would pair it with any fish or lighter fare (if I was of age, again). It's delicate and has a very light body and a super soft finish. It's lower in alcohol than regular white wine. It's quite fruity with a lovely fragrance...YOU MUST TRY IT!!! (sorry for the unclear picture)

LABEL CLOSE-UP SHOT! (Sorry... Still a little blurry)

My dinner that evening was shrimp and chicken sauteed with sprouts and peppers in sesame miso...It was VERY light and definitely supported the Volumetrics concept! None of the flavors were overpowering at all and it went perfectly with the wine! (ps: the glass in the picture is my moms! Mine had half of that...told you haha)

My mom's dinner was the STAR of the evening BY FAR! She got the chicken curry which had sprouts, peppers, and peas. It was a green curry and was BEYOND WORDS. During her college years, my mom did her abroad study in Nepal and India...The girl knows her curry. She said it was some of the best she'd ever had!

There are a couple more pictures but unfortunately they didn't come out too well :( I'll admit it, we definitely did more than our fair share of eating while on vacation! :) Both my mom and I adore food and love sharing the experiences together! We also swam every day in both the ocean and lap pool on the third floor so we got our exercise in, and then some. Gosh, we just had SUCH a blast together :)

So that's it for my first post! I'm SO excited to get this blog rolling, you have NO idea! yayayayyyy :)


Lindsay said...

Yum! I have been on several "all-inclusive" vacations in foreigh countries (mexico, punta cana, jamaica) and the thing I loved most was not only the beautiful sunsets & beaches, but all the fresh fruit! Looks delish! Can't wait to see the rest and am looking forward to more posts!!!!

arimcg said...

You are so enthusiastic, I love it! And those sunset pictures are unbelievable, obviously.

Simple and Divine said...

THANKS GIRLS!!! This is so much fun :)

little miss veggie. said...

omg your adorable and thatnk you so much for liking my photos! it really does mean a lot to me:) of course you can add me. thanks for looking at my blog <3