Saturday, April 5, 2008

Seeing the Light (literally)

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Saturday! 

I woke up this morning around 6am for my 8am step class (Hey Robin!!!) and it was so dark outside! And so warm and cozy inside of my bed! Haha, I laugh so hard now thinking about it, because at the time it seemed like the WORST POSSIBLE THING for me to do was stick my hand out into the harsh, cold air.  Lol, just to turn off my alarm clock.  Like, it made me contemplate life/death.  OK, not really, but it's still so hilarious to me! Maybe I'm just an oddball! Anyways, I got up and made myself a huge mug (do people still say "mug"...I wonder where it came from? Maybe because it's big enough to "hug" so you, "hug your mug?").  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THIS MORNING?! Haha, I'm easily amused to begin with, but this morning it's a whole nother story.  

Anyways, in the mug (ha) was my absolute favorite Decaf EB tea with an S&L (I know, B.A.D.) and I had a huge bowl of watermelon, cantaloup, and honeydew with some kiwi, strawberries and mango!  Unfortunately, the mango was not up to par despite being really ripe!   Oh well, the rest of it was divine.  And of course, I had it with some Lactaid Cottage Cheese.  
(PS) Can we all try and come up with a name for Cottage Cheese?  Like a cute/spunky nickname? I've been trying to think of one for some time because I don't particularly enjoy saying "cottage cheese"... But "CC," "Cott," "Cocheese," etc were stupid.  I'm sure you gals (and guys? Any out there?) will think of one!

So now I'm about to get ready for Step! I'm so excited...It's really ridiculous how much I love it.  Like, I feel like a kid about to go play tag, or capture the flag or something like that.  If you've never done it before you really have to!  My instructor is really hard... Or so others say.  The instructors from the other health clubs around here take her class, lol.  But I took my first class with her about a month or two ago (1.5 maybe?), so she's all I've ever known and I love her and her classes!  I have so many pictures to upload today and I'm going to get to that asap!

Oh and my mom and dad just reminded me that I have my cousin Nancy's wedding shower at 10:00 with mom, and then I'm going to see La Boheme with my dad at the met at 1:30 (we have season tickets.  I have seen it more times than I can count (my family= Huge opera buffs), but I adore it and I can't "not" go.  Ahh I need to study though! We'll see, we'll see.

Have a wonderful morning! Oh, and Boozy just came over to say hi :)


Anonymous said...

have fun w/ the step class & all your fun activities that you have planned!!

hmmm i agree w/ coming up w/ a name for cottage cheese... maybe cc just since it's short and sweet? :)

oh and my mom LOVED that you left a hello to her ~ she was so excited and left a comment back haha...

ashley said...

Cottage Cheese.... the name alone makes me think of icky thigh dimples! Maybe something like.. okay, I've got nothing. But a name change is definitely due.

Have fun at the show!

Jenna said...

I agree--new name for cottage cheese! CC works.

Have fun at step class. :)

Jennifer said...

That huge bowl of fruit sounds so good!

Simple and Divine said...

Hey Girls! Thanks for commenting :) I absolutely love reading your comments! It honestly makes me smile everytime I see that little comment sign, and you are all so sweet! Just wanted to thank ya! I'm going to update momentarily, but thanks again!!!