Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never Have I Ever...

Hurt myself! Oh, except for when I was little, I fractured my foot (circa. 1992) kicking my brother's door.  (Not sure if it was the same foot though).  He wouldn't let me in to play, what was I supposed to do, right? Ahem... Anyways, I went to the ER that night that I blogged about my foot, because my dad was not having it.  No sir.  And let's be honest here, I wasn't too happy either.  For lack of a better term, I was literally, bawlin'.  I never cry when I hurt myself, and I NEVER HURT MYSELF!  So, long story short, I have a stress fracture under the ball of my foot, towards the side of my big toe and have been doing step aerobics, tennis, etc on this injury for the past three months.  GooOooooOOOoOooo Me! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free SmileysI have an MRI tonight at 7 to make sure I don't need surgery (please oh please oh please don't make me need surgerrryyyy!!!) Oh goodness, that would be awful!  The MRI is also going to see if I have any of the foot "itis"'s... Tendonitis, Fasciitis, Bursitis, etc. etc.  So since Saturday I have been doing... umm, nothing.  I mean I've been hanging out with my podiatrist, went to a play, hung out with my friends, and Buddha (who is doing SO much better!!! Thanks everybody!), Mylo, my Grandmother, my homework, my bed... Yeah, nothing active!  OH Except for my CRUTCHES!  I never thought that they'd be so tiring, but I'm totally sore from using them.  Lol, I know, wimp.  There is a guy coming over to the house today to size me for a walking cast (I insisted, and do NOT want to be on crutches for this whole time!), which I'm so greatful for!  I was out yesterday, literally, from 9-5:45 running around on my crutches and when I got home I was exhausted.  But I got some AWESOME stuff and I can't wait to show you guys! It'll have to wait until my mom comes back from Mexico though because my camera battery is dead and she took my charger with her accidentally!  She's at Le Blanc with her best friend, Nancy, for a week and I'm SUPER jealous and SUPER SUPER missing her right now!!! Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys Hiii Mommmm Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys  Hahaha, I'm only kidding, I'm not crying (maybe only a little) but I def do miss her!

(Here's a quick picture of My Beautiful Mother from our trip to Le Blanc back in March.  She was watching the sun setting over the lagoon from a Polynesian Hut...)

The view of the Lagoon <333

I looove this picture of my Mom so!

(Note: Buddha just came over to my bed with his invisible fence collar in his mouth... I'm assuming he wants to go out.  I'll be right back, I need to go crutch my tush over to the door and let him out!  Smart little guy, eh?)

My Current View... In my room (TV is above what you see in the picture)

Anyways, I need y'all's advice on how to do this whole "not moving" thing.  One thing that's IRKING me b.i.g. t.i.m.e. is that I can't go anywhere.  I mean, sure, if I really wanted to I could go crutch jog my way around town, but that's ridiculous and --- Ok, no, I actually can't do that.  But I can't drive my car (it's my right foot), and I can't even go to class by myself because I can't carry my books and crutch at the same time!  But you bet your bottom dollar I sure did tryHotlinkable Free smiley Face from Free smileys! I mean, Sunday night I went with my Grammy to Whole Foods and it took us FOR. EVER. I'm just trying to remember to take it one day at a time.  It's not the pain that is bothering me as much as the having to have so much done for me that I'd normally not even think twice about.  

Sunday night I was on the phone with my mom, quite bummed with a lack of endorphins and depressed about my foot.  (She left for Mexico with Nance on Sunday morning).  And she reminded me that this is not going to be forever and that I can do other stuff if I want to relax like paint (which I Looooooove, but only really do on vacation, so I liked the sound of pretending I was on vacation, hehe), sing (do it all the time, anyways), draw (same as paint, ushe only done on vacay) etc. etc.  She reminded me that in a little while I could also probably start swimming and see how that feels!  I'm a little nervous about getting back on it too quickly though, because it's definitely tender.  Sorry if it seems like I'm totally NOT understanding the fact that I fractured a bone in my foot, but that's probably because I don't understand this at all.  What happens now???? Lol, HELP ME! Kath, if you're reading this, you said that you injured your foot/ankle at one point... How did you do it/What did you do to keep yourself sane?  

I did realize, today, that I if I really feel the need for some cardio, I can totally do the rowing machines!  Have any of you ever do
ne them?  I have a few times, but I don't think I did them correctly because I didn't feel like I was really "working out."  SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!! 
Something else that's been rather hard has been not being able to be outside with Buddha, but he can't do too much anyway, so we're kind of stuck together.  LUCKILY, the weather has not been too nice, and COLD!!! So I haven't missed out on too much, and since I was running around like MAD yesterday, I definitely felt like I got in lots of movement.  And I've been pretty okay with not going to step, even though I missed it this morning.  I think having tons of work to do has helped me with the end of the year fast approaching these days!  I've been cooking tons (hopping around the kitchen, lol) so that has definitely allowed me to relax a little too!

Anyways, I need to get back to writing my paper, and Buddha wants to go out again!  But before I go here are some pictures from forever ago: LOTS OF SOUP when I was sick /all the time because my Grammy's chicken soup (matzot ball soup) is heaven and let's face it, it makes my day even when I'm not sick/injured! (I don't eat the matzot balls though bc I H.A.T.E. Matzot, ewwww!) And with Kashi TLC Ranch Crackers!? As I said... HEAVENHotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys Is anyone else in love with this flavor?! It's my favorite, although I don't buy these guys often because I can't stop eating them once I start! What are your favorite flavors of Kashi TLCs?

Soup! (This isn't vitamin water, btw...It's somethin
g else that my mom got me from Walgreens, but I don't remember what it is! Sorry!)

Ranch Kashi TLC Crackers!

And here are some pictures of when I made my parents a romantic dinner of my AMAZING (yes, I do say so, myself) Turkey Meatloaf with Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Onions, some Sauteed Spinach+Garlic and some Greenbeans that I cooked in stewed tomatoes! Y.U.M. The "sauteed" veggies were just in a little NO HFCS Canola Oil Spray (how I've always done them!) with salt, pepper and a little garlic! Oh, and does anyone know how to add in a recipe section on blogger?? I've been trying to figure it out, but I don't like how it comes out! Help! I really want to post my Turkey Meatloaf/Turkey Burger Recipe for you guys and so many others! It's honestly incredible and S.U.P.E.R. healthy too, of course! (Please note that my adorable parent's ate on trays on their bed (it was covered with a blanket so they wouldn't spill anything, lol), all snuggled up together!Hotlinkable Free smiley Face from Free smileys

(First a picture of my parents in Hawaii last summer!)
Oh and here's one with me and my parents! For good measure... Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys

Turkey Meatloaf= Y.U.M!
(Did I mention that I hate the word "m-e-a-t-l-o-a-f"? E.W.)

Need I say more?

And Check out this BEAUTIFUL(!!!) Heirloom Tomato that I spotted at WF a few weeks ago! These pictures do not do her justice! She was exquisite and deeeelicious!

(PS) I'm SO bummed that this first picture didn't come out well! Don't be fooled! She was perfect, red, and fabu!


This is a painting that my mom did when she was younger! It hangs in one of our hallways and is so special to me.  Her lucky/favorite number is 4, in case you couldn't tell Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys
Gold Leaf!

And of course we have T.O.N.S. of fruit in the Wise house right now!  We have watermelons (not cut), 1 watermelon (cut last night in the fridge), 3 honeydews, 2 cantaloups, 3 mangos that I cut up this morning, Rasberries, lots of kiwi (I looove these! I used to call them "bikinis" lol), Strawberries (which I'm totally sick of now, due to that RIDICULOUSLY HUGE container that we bought: Strawberries are the only fruits I really get "sick" of... I literally am nauseous just thinking about them right now. Yuck.) , Apples,  Oranges, and Bananas (my brother and dad love 'em), Yellow tomatoes (!!), and Lemons and Limes (I also received my free sample of True Lemon in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to try it out! You can do SO much with these guys!).  You think we like our fruit? Yes, I'd say so! (PS) In case you didn't already know (many people don't!) the way to pick an amazing watermelon is as follows: FIRST THINGS FIRST: Give it a good knock! You want a hollow sound all the way around the green top!  Check for a hard exterior...NEVER EVER SOFT IN ANY WAY! And it should be a beautiful and vibrant green! Like fresh cut grass in the spring (dork.).  And lastly, turn that baby over and look at the bottom!  You want to look for a flat bottom with a nice oval of white skin.  Yes, I said white.  Or creamy white.  If there's no white, the watermelon wasn't grown properly and it's not going to be as amazing as it could be! (Not the melon's fault here!) And of course, it's ESSENTIAL to look for the biggest one too Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys! Aaaand make sure to enjoy every. single. bite! It's my faaavorite, especially with sweet honeydew! D.I.V.I.N.E.

Watermelon, oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo
Strawberries GALORE!

Whew! Done!
Okay, well, I need to work on my paper before my MRI! Plus that dude is coming to the house to size me for my walking cast/"boot" so I want to be ready when he comes so he can come and go! LOL... Thanks for the warm and sweet wishes everyone! Hope you all had wonderful Tuesdays! (Tomorrow's Humpday! Weeeee!)


VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, Julz, such BREATHTAKING photographs!!!

Good luck on that paper!!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh no, twin! I am so sorry :o( :o(

Your poor foot!!!! I am sending you get-well wishes... I hope they will help a little. Definitely get in touch with your creative side and paint your heart out (not literally, though, because we want you to stay alive!).

Wow, your mom is super-talented!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I hope your foot heals super soon!

Your pictures all look AMAZING. Your family is so cute together!!

And all that fruit talk is really making me crave fruit right now. Thanks for the watermelon picking tips! I'll be sure to pay extra special attention next time we go to buy a watermelon ;)

Simple and Divine said...

Liz: You're so sweet it's ridiculous! Haha, YOU are the picture taking Q.U.E.E.N!! Love everything you photograph!

Twinzy: I received your wishes in the mail :) Loved 'em! And you're so cute haha... I am going to paint lots and lots this week! ;) My mom is A.MAZING and I have SO much more to show you all! Can't wait to have my camera back!!

Kris: Thanks for the warm wishes and the sweetest words about my family and pictures! And I'm glad that my fruitiness (I'm such a D.O.R.K.!) made you want some! Fruit is life's most refreshing treat, in my opinion! Oh and the sound of the ocean is quite refreshing too... But only if you're REALLY by the ocean! None of the phony balogna crap!

Simple and Divine said...

bologna*... I don't know why I spelled it like that. Not that I've ever eaten it, but it's not exactly an unusual word? *OK, done.*

Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures! I'm so sorry about your foot Julz and hope you do not need surgery! I sprained my ankle a few months ago and was on crutches for a bit. I was supposed to be on them for like 2 weeks, but I only used them for a couple of days and started working out again (ET) in a few days. Then running in a week. It was sore a lot, but it's finally getting better just now! haha. Crutches and injuries are rough. Take care of yourself though! I hope it heals quickly for ya! And enjoy all of that delicious fruit! My goodness!

Simple and Divine said...

(PS) Does anyone know how to upload my pictures so that they will enlarge when clicked on??? I can't figure it out! :(

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful pics~ I am super jealous of your mom as well, I can't wait to get away to an island :)

Your dinner you made your parents looks delicious... that was so nice!

I love Kashi crackers but haven't had them in a while, you reminded me I need to pick some up soon ;) I appreciate the watermelon picking tips, I always want to buy one but don't know if they are good or not!

I hope your foot gets better soon & that you don't need surgery :/ Keep us informed...

Have a fantastic day, girl!

Melissa's Journey said...

Oh my gosh - how freakin' cute are you???? Thanks for commenting on my blog because now I got to see yours and it is so adorable! By the way, you are gorgeous!! I can't wait to hear more about Budha too :) Him and Baylee are only 3 weeks apart (Baylee's B-day is June 9). Is he a Standard Poodle?

Irbas said...

your parents are beautiful! (as are you) and all the food looks delish- i can't wait for the turkey loaf recipe!!!! i hope you recover quickly- foot injuries stink! and I LOVEEE fruit! especially blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, honeydew melon, apples and BANANAS! haha, enough favs?

Monica said...

First off, your parents are adorable.

Secondly,I love watermelon, my mouth is watering for some!

Thirdly, I'm so glad Buddha is doing better!!

And lastly, stay positive girl. The best thing for your foot is rest & recovery. I know it's hard but you'd rather it heal than get worse!

Your posts always make me smile, you are so cheery! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! So sorry about your foot :( If I were you, I would stock up on some magazines and DVD's and take advantage of the mandatory activity break...

Lovely pictures- and you have a gorgeous family!

Sending good vibes for the foot healing. Keep us posted!

Simple and Divine said...

Heather: Wow you had a speedy recovery! And a BRAVE one! I have to go back for another MRI today :( My podiatrist looked at last night's and thinks that he sees another fracture :( And I'm already in my walking cast for 4-6 weeks! JEEEEEZZEEEE!

Linds: I know I wish I was there too!! Who wouldn't want to be though, right?! Haha, I always make the meals in my house because no one ever has time to, other than me, PLUS the fact that if I could I'd spend all day LONG in my kitchen! Gosh I love it! So peaceful and relaxing and I always feel like things fall into place in there just right :)

Melis: Aw thank you so much! YOU are quite the stunner yourself miss thang! Buddha and Baylee ARE so close in age! Wow! Yes he is a standard poodle... If you go back a month or two you'll see a video I posted of the Buddha man :) He's so funny sometimes! And I'm so flattered that you like my blog! Yay!

irbas: Aww thanks! Yes, my parents ARE a beautiful couple, indeed! You're beautiful too! And as soon as I figure out how to add in a recipe section, it'll be up!!

Monica: Aww you are such a doll! I loooove reading your posts, as well! Buddha was doing really well, only now he's not eating :-\ ... He's so stubborn sometimes!!

Heather: Thanks for all of the warm wishes :) You're too sweet! My foot feels better already from all the good energy coming its way! :)

ashley said...

Wow, all of the pictures are great. Your family is beautiful! I hope you feel better :-/ Good luck with the MRI!

Anonymous said...

oh no julz!!!!!!! let's hope our foot heals super fast!!!! keep off it ;)

R.Shack said...

omg... your mom is so beautiful
(you are too btw! :) ).