Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Fabulous Day

I am babysitting for two of the most precious girls on the planet right now.  In fact, it's 8:14 and both Remy (6 years old) and Haley (9 years old) are already in bed and asleep.  It was my first time babysitting for them too and they are little angels.  And I'm getting paid really well! Their mom is an absolute DOLL and their dad owns a catering company in Philadelphia! Although it's not mine, there's no awkwardness about the "competition" and he was totally impressed that I work for Culinary Concepts! Score  !
Anyways, today was a fabulous day!  Although I didn't get to take any new pictures (other than my breakfast -- And my photo uploader is working, but I'm using their computer because my battery was low...hmph), or get any studying done, it was divine.  The Bridal Shower was SO nice! Nancy looked so beautiful and everyone there was so excited and so happy.  It was such a wonderful meal too! They had a b-e-a-u-tiful salad bar set up and another table with fresh grilled and warmed pita bread triangles and these little wheat bread rolls, along with a gorgeous poached Salmon (my favorite!) and an A.MAZING grilled vegetable platter with carrots (my real favorite, lol... Everything was my fave actually, let's be honest here), red onions, zucchini, eggplant, and peppers! Omg, SO good! They also had blueberry/banana wheat bread and bran muffins.  I had (as my early lunch!) A beautiful salad with mixed greens, carrots, bell peppers (yellow, red, orange), shrooms, hearts of palm, chick peas, and some fresh tuna with this amazing balsamic vinegar (straight!).  I also had a huge piece of poached salmon, and tons of veggies, plus I ate my mom's Salmon (she doesn't love Salmon but got it for me hehe) and her veggies!  The cake was so gorgeous and unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately? ha) I left before they served it!  It was white cake with white chocolate chips and had a lemon/rasberry creme with a vanilla buttercreme icing on top! Talk about decadent  Y.U.M!
The opera was so amazing.  I cried, as I always do with La Boheme.  I've seen it about 13 times at the Met and this performance was by far the best I'd ever seen (in person!).  Oh. My. Gosh.  This cast was so moving and so united that they full on cried at the end! And still sang the most magnificent arias.  I can't even begin to explain it.  Angela Gheorghiu played Mimi and Ramon Vargas (who was beyond) played Rodolpho!  Oh man.  I understand that Opera is not for everyone, but it is for me.  I've always been in love with it and it brings out emotions in me that nothing else does.  Except for when I, myself, am on stage singing! But being at the Met is a blessing that I treasure, immensely.  I love it more than life, itself.  The end.
Anyways, I have GOT to get to my studying now! For dinner I have a WF salad but I'm not hungry yet...I got home and was STARVING and stuffed. My. Face. with tons fruit and seafood salad and had four bites of my brother's turkey meatloaf.  It is one of the few meats I adore, and I love the texture and flavors in this one! I think my Jim's totally starting to love WF! yayyyy  Welcome to the Mother Ship...muahaha
It's true though, is it not? We're totally a cult Whole Foods Lovers <3
OK, love to all and I'm going to post pics tomorrow morning or when I get home tonight! Step was so great, as ushe, and tomorrow morning step=10AM! I'll be up studying before hand, probably.  I need to study tomorrow! No dillydallying Julz!


em said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun day Julz! And your salad sounds yummy too...I think I may be having one very similar today! I saw La Boheme at the Met once as was an amazing experience! And we also ate at the restaurant there which is pretty good from what I can remember! Anyways, have a great Sunday lady!

Anonymous said...

WOW you had an action packed day between a play and a baby shower and then babysitting! It sounded like such a fun day :) Good luck getting your studying done - I need to do that tonight too!

Simple and Divine said...

Ems: I love that restaurant too! Isn't it SUCH an experience. Every time I'm there, I can't believe I'm there. It feels like it's the first time, everytime. When my Grandfather passed away (before I was born) my Grammy wanted to pass on their passion to us, so she really treats us to a lot of these. And YOU have a great day too <3

Miss Lindsay: OMG I just got back from wf and have yet to study Ahh!