Monday, April 7, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason

I woke up this morning eager to get my day started! So weird though... I kept waking up thinking it was 7!  I woke up at 4, 6, etc.  SO strange.  But whatevs.  I got up at 7, made myself some tea, ate breakfast (the ushe) and then lied down for a bit/digested.  I kept contemplating whether or not I should go to class or go to step because my mood was still a little iffy.  (By the way, thank you all for your sweet, sweet words... I really am not sure what's going on with this girl!  But no worries, Buddha's here to cheer me up hehe).  Anyway, I felt like I needed to go to class or STUDY for my bio exam tomorrow night, and though this sounds SO weird, I swear it's true.  I said, "give me some sign here... Help me out!" I couldn't decide: Class, Study, Step.  Well, a certain someone decided to help me, indeed, and killed my car battery.  Lol.  LUCKILY, about 2 blocks away (sort of) is a place that fixes cars so my dad drove me over there!  I would've gladly walked with Boo, but my dad wanted to talk to them, haha.  He was on his way to work anyway.  Well, I walked home with Buddha and my car battery is being replaced.  So today was probably supposed to be a rest day, I suppose.  Unless, I get out with another short (VERY short) walk with the little man.  I think it was meant to be.  You know, everthing happens for a reason? *smiles.

So that's no class and no work for me today.  I think this means that I really need to study for Bio, haha.  So study I shall!  I'll update later on... OH and shoutout to Erica from sweeteats, as I read that she is home today too! 


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey, I just added an edit to my post, because I re-read it, and I didn't mean for it to sound like I was against people who have bought from breeders! My own dog is actually from a breeder, before we learned more about shelters, and just like you, I would NEVER EVER want to give her up (well, except for this morning when she woke me up way too early by whining at my door!).

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better than yesterday. Haha, I just had to laugh at your Nancy comment!

Irbas said...

ooooh lucky girl you're at home! (although bummer about the car!)

if i didn't work for my family i swear i would skip work on days like today.. just to get a good run in the sun and to relax a little more!

have a great afternoon!

VeggieGirl said...

enjoy your day off! :0)

Anonymous said...

That is my FAVORITE phrase... Glad it helped you out today hehe... Although sorry to hear about the car battery!

Cara said...

I hope the studying went well!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL if we WERE separated at birth, that'd be soooo cool! I've always wanted a twin! And we both have brown hair, so maybe...

My pups say hi back!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope studying went well! Enjoy your rest day! Hmm BIO my freshman year was's what made me wanna be premed! good luck on the test :0

Simple and Divine said...

Chocolate: Your so sweet. And my twin (maybe????)

Irbas: Thanks! It was blah though...I really don't like being stuck a home! I like to get out to accomplish and feel so gross and stuck when I can't go anywhere.

Veggiegirl: Thanks lover! I hope you enjoyed your day too <3

LoveofOats: Car Battery is new and improved :) Yay!

Cara: It did! I did well on my exam! (All thanks to your kind works, OF COURSE!) Weeee

Creatingadiva: Thanks! It did...I don't like my teacher so it's a boring and dull class. Boo. I usually LoVE bio though.