Saturday, April 5, 2008


Good Morning!  I got up around 8 and have step at 10, so I wanted to try and post some of my pictures from The Forbidden Trail!  However, my uploader is, yet again, not working so tomorrow morning it will be! (Fast forward to today...)In my über long post, I discuss what occured on this innocent (and someone deceiving) Saturday!  If you have yet to read it, feel free! (I know it's looong)

I didn't want to eat too much, as I really can't before a run, but I felt really low on fuel and felt indigestion creeping! Ewwwww! So I had a baby apple! These are so little! I love eating little things.  Their just precious and these were from a local apple orchard so it felt extra special!  Suprisingly, I didn't get hungry throughout my run.  On the second thought, I wasn't thinking about food on this run, it was more along the lines of, 'Will I make it out alive' lol 
(Note: About an 45 mins/an hour after my run...I was STARVING)

While taking this, I had my bag on my back, his leash in my hand, and everything set to go.  This was the, "MoooooOOOOOMM!" (Love those puppy eyes!)

Mylo wanted in on the pictures too! 

I was trying to take a picture while driving. But don't worry! As you can clearly see here, my eyes were on the road, not the camera lens! 

How cute are they?! 

Here's Buddha after 5 miles...Totally cool.  Lookin up at me like, "Hey ma, what's up, alright, that's real..." (For those who know, I'm not finishing this quote bc it would be innappropriate eww...Anyways, shoutout to ma man CAM'RON)

Here's me after 5.  As you will see, there's quite a bit more light in me in this one (compared to the 10 miler where I look pretty tired).  I felt good! (But ready to peace out)

And here is yours truly finally back in my car after 10 miles! (Betsy how do you do this?!)  I was so happy to get my tush into that seat, I'll tell ya that! Like it was a Gold Mine <3

Scenic Pictures!

Throughout the entirety of the run, there is the beautiful Wissahickon Creek.  Quite melodious! 

If your a runner, you'd love this! The second half was completed sans headphones and listening to the water really helped me to relax and refocus.  It was very calming.

I'm off to 10AM step and then....
Whole Foods (Oh yeah baby.)
Ma true love muffin... Sorry M.
See you hotties later!


Jennifer said...

I don't know which pictures are cuter, the ones of your pup and adorable kitty, or those cute pictures of you!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Beautiful scenery! I would love to meet up with you some day for a run! (My lazy dogs wouldn't come, though!)

Enjoy your Sunday :o).

Simple and Divine said...

Jen: Aww you're so sweet! :) Your comment totally made me cheese BIG TIME...that's cheese as in SMILE not cheese as in "cut the..." haha

ChocolateBeauty: I'd love that! I don't run a lot because of my knees and because I'm IN LOVE with Step Class too much to miss it! But I'd love to meet up! Even if not for a run :) We have to have a Pow Wow with all the bloggers don't you think?!

Enjoy your Sundays girls!

Jenna said...

That looks amazing! Enjoy your Sunday too!

Robin said...

That looks awesome. Great job on that run!

Simple and Divine said...

Jenna: Thanks :) I'm taking a study break and my day has been a bit off, but no worries!

Robs: Thanks! :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

You are seriously the sweetest :o). Haha, I guess we probably couldn't meet up for a run anyways because there's no way I'd keep up with you for 10 miles! I've never tried a step class... sounds fun, though. Oh wow, and chocolate no-bakes in vanilla ice cream sounds amazing! Too bad there's none left, or I would try some right now!

Anonymous said...

You run with a backpack on? Crazy.
How fast do you think you run?
Do you take walking breaks?
Im a really big runner. Its pretty much my life. I compete though.

em said...

Aw pretty pictures Julz! Your kitty is so cute! I wish I could have taken a hike like that today!

Simple and Divine said...

SUPER CLARIFICATION MOMENT: I only ran about 3-3.5 of the 10 guys!!! The most I've ever run is 6.5ish and I'm not a big runner but it's VERY strange. I can get on a treadmill and put on music and run for an 40 minutes-60minutes with maybe two 3-5 min breaks around 40 minutes. I can do it, but I RARELY want to! And I walked for almost all of the five miles back. I'm totally not a serious runner, but if I'm running with my head phones on a track I can do probs around an 8 minute mile for 3-4 miles. THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE I swam for my whole life. Enough explaining...haha

I'm not a "runner" per se because unfortunately, as of late, I don't enjoy it. But every once in a while I'll get a hankering for it.

[PS] Are there any tall runners out there? I'm 5'9 and my knees/shinsplintz get B.A.D. when I run. So I really can't do it a lot at all. How do y'all do it?!

[PPS] If anyone's never seen a step class before, my instructor puts our classes on YOUTUBE and I'd give you the url (if you promise not to laugh at me! I've only been doing it a month/2)

Anonymous said...

practice practice and more practice!!! oh, and i'm very very stubborn. which is good sometimes (i won't let myself not finish a long run) but bad too (i won't let myself not finish a long-even injured.)

your hike/run location looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!! jealousy...