Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HUMPDAY post =) and holding a blogger in the light

I just got back from class and a quickie at the gym (Sadly, no, I'm not referring to a quickie.)  I have a bunch to update on but all will have to wait until later this evening when I get back from work!  I got a 95 on my history exam, which isn't bad.  It's GREAT, don't get me wrong, but I think he only gave me a 95 because he didn't want to give anyone 100% on their exam essays. Psshhh... College Professors.  Anyways, I am about to jump into the shower (another quickie; gosh I'm so lame!Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys) and then I'm off to work! 

I'll be taking my lunch in the car : Waldorf Chicken Salad...I made with Grilled Chicken, some Fage, Dijon+Grain Mustard, Celery, Red Delicious Apple, and some Toasted Walnuts over Spinach Leaves! I also threw in a little thyme for the chicken and some cinnamon, because I love Thyme with chicken and Cinnamon rocks!).  
*Attention Veggies and Vegans: I've also made this with fake chik'n and Plain Silk Soy Yogurt and it ROCKED!  The plain is only available in family size, or at least that's the only size I've found it available in, but it's AWESOME in things like this and in Smoothies... Yummy!*
 I'll also be bringing the rest of the apple to eat too! Happy girl here, I'll tell you that! I ALSO have a couple of Lactaid Chewables that I'm taking now to help me digest the lactase in the Fage Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys (Shoutout to Veggiegirl: My Lactose-Intolerant P.I.C. Hotlinkable Free Smiley Face from Free Smileys )

OK, sweetpeas, I'm out to conquer the world! Aka, Culinary Concepts (my work) and then WF because my brother (!!!) gave me some items that he would like! Yaayyy convert! LOL.

I think there are quite enough Exclamation Points in this post but today is going to be a FABULOUS day! I can just feel it.  For me and you.

(PS) Don't forget to hold Jenna (from EatLiveRun) and her family in the light today/tonight.  Her grandfather is not doing too well and our prayers and thoughts should be with them during this time. Jenna's kept up such a beautiful blog for all of us and is always there to lend a kind word or thought.  If you've never seen her blog, click on the link, and definitely offer your best wishes if you can.  I'm sure she'd really appreciate it! We're thinking of you Jenna!


VeggieGirl said...

Your quickie comment made me laugh out loud - I'm sure your quickie at the gym was better anyway :0D

Congratulations on the 95, on your test!!! Excellent!!!

Haha, thank you for the shout-out :0) The Lactaid enzymes never helped me when I would take them (years ago), so I'm glad they're helping you.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!! The weekend is halfway here!!

ashley said...

I can just feel the excitement coming from your post! It sounds like such a great day!

The gym (and the 95!!!!!!) is awesome! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting 95 on your exam!! I"m so jealous!!!

Monica said...

Hey Julz! Thanks for checking out my blog. I actually read yours but I've never commented! I would love to try your recipe for brussel sprouts! Hope you're having a fabulous wednesday!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I love reading your blog, you make me crack up ;)

Great job on your test & I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday!

Simple and Divine said...

Thanks GIRLS!!! :) I looove reading your comments!

Kristin said...

Ooh that Waldorf salad sounds delish, I might have to make the meatless version!

Irbas said...

your posts always leave me smiling!! i just had the best salad with spinach, apple slices, walnuts, gorgonzola (ewww), and a champagne dressing. it was srsly AWESOME! reminds me a little of your salad!

hope you are having a great day! i hear philly is getting great weather!

btw... I emailed culinary concepts a few weeks ago just to inquire about their pricing etc.. a woman named Nancy Schwoebel responded- do you work with her?!? she is really nice (at least via email!!)

Simple and Divine said...

irbas: So cool! :) Nancy is basically the chief coordinator for Culinary Concepts, but no, I don't work with her. I work with the executive chef and the rest of the chefs in the kitchen :)
And I'm SO glad that my posts leave you smiling :) I hope you're enjoying THIS INCREDIBLE weather! xo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the awesome test mark Smartie!!

And your salad sounds so delicious!