Friday, April 18, 2008

warm weather makes me hungry!

Man was it beautiful out today! My brother and I played tennis which was SO fun! I looove tennis! SO much :) And I wore shorts and a teeshirt and I was sweating! YAYY haha can you tell I love the warm weather? Well... I do!

But something else also happened today... I ATE... ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  It's a good thing that I don't blog my meals because I think, all together, I had like 6-7.  I just snacked like my life depended on it (lots of Kashi Crackers mmm! Ranch, my fave!) and it was so odd because I did a much less arduous workout today than usual! Wow... I'm very full now.  See, the thing is, I love to eat so much that sometimes I get so excited (warm weather) that I cook and eat and eat and cook and ... well, y'all get the idea.  But no worries!  It was a good mix up from my usual habits (very rarely do I/have I eaten this much! lol), and should rev up my metabolism lots!  Tomorrow's a new day and no doubt an absolutely b-e-a-uuutiful one! Aaaand it's the first day of Pasach (the first of eight).  Lots of cooking/baking to do!  I'm getting up at 6 to be at step by 8, then showered, to whole foods, and home to prep for Pasach dinner! Whew! Should be a fun, and action packed day! I'm so looking forward to it though! I'm making Butternut Squash Casserole (A.MAZING!!! Yes, I'll post pics! Of the whole pasach spread too! Get excited!), Julz's Fabulous Coconut Macaroons (Mine have dried cranberries, chopped pistachios, sliced almonds, oats, tons of coconut, and half have bittersweet chocolate chips in them!), And my Passover Flourless Sponge Cake with Rubarb-Rasberry Sauce.  NOW...All of these recipes were inspired by other recipes; however, they were completely changed/modified to fit the needs of myself and my family.  I cannot WAIT to get into that kitchenn! I made the pecan bars and they were meh... Not something I'd eat again, though having surprisingly low caloric counts, they didn't resemble the pecan pie I know and love.  My brother really liked them hot out of the oven and over froyo, but agreed that they aren't too "Pecan Pie-y," If you will.  So, I'm thinking whether or not I should just go ahead and make them both or choose one from the other.  Well, as previously stated, I am not one who likes to choose one dessert from the other, and will most likely end up making both! Yeah! Haha.

Anyways, I'm already home from being out! I'm a loser and have so much to do tomorrow and want to be rested for step! Tomorrow is a brand new day and I love that.  A clean slate, a new morning.  And I just have that feeling that it's going to be absolutely spectacular.  

Love and sweetest dreams to all of my blogging buds!! Can't wait to read all about your weekends and read your comments too! They are my favorite part of this experience, as well as all the friendships I've gained from you.  Thanks guys :)

Off to dreamland! Happy Friday and I'll see y'all later this weekend! xo


VeggieGirl said...

No worries about the snacking, girl - sounds like your body needed the extra fuel! Especially after a fun game of tennis :0)


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday!! I'm glad you're enjoying the nice weather. =)

Don't worry about 6-7 meals. I eat that much everyday! (Eating is just too fun to do it only 3 times a day...)

Anonymous said...

hehe i am off to bed too :)

i definitely eat 6 times a day also... mini meals are my "philosophy" ;)

yay for tons of fun baking tomorrow (and step class!)... i hope you enjoy the holiday w/ your fam!

Simple and Divine said...

Hahaha, thanks girls! I wish all of you the best weekends too! I'm off to step weeeeeehooooo!

Daziano said...

Nice weather makes me hungry too!!! And yesterday it was GORGEOUS so we went picnicking! :)

Anonymous said...

i love love love tennis too!! i broke my racket last summer, so i can't currently play.

happy holidays!

Sarah said...

Happy Passover my dear : ) I LOVE your blog, you are always so positive and put me in such a great mood. It's so funny because I feel like we're friends even though we don't even know each other.

I made the Pecan Bars for my seder tonight and everyone thought they were pretty good, but could definitely tell they were "passover food"---I thought you could taste the matzoh meal too much. But I also made a flourless chocolate espresso cake which was AMAZING! It was so good I will absolutely make it again any time throughout the year.

I hope you had a great seder, I know I did---I'm such a lightweight that 4 glasses of wine DEFINITELY gets me drunk ; ) haha. Enjoy the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I have definitely had those nonstop eating days before. They just seem to pop out of nowhere!

Everything you planned on making sounds SO good. Butternut squash casserole? That sounds like something I would LOVE. Can't wait to see pics of the stuff you made!

Oh and PS, I would definitely love to have that turkey meatloaf recipe whenever you get the chance, it sounds great! :D

Anonymous said...

Excited to see all your food pics! Those dishes sound wonderful.

And I can NEVER eat just 3 meals in a day...I always have around 5 -7. I just snack more than sit down and eat, so I completely understand where your coming from! Somedays I have said...I will try so hard, just like these other bloggers, to have 3 straight meals (maybe one snack), and I just can't haha.

And tennis is a fav of mine for sure! Growing up in Boston I would ofcourse be skating all summer, but I also attended Harvard Tennis Camp for a week or two for like 7 summers straight. SO FUN!