Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Busy as a Bee!

Good afternoon! I can't believe it's 3:00 already! I feel like today is really flying by weeeeeee! I've been studying/doing crazy work all day, but woke up, ate my ushe for bfast and got my tush onto writing my paper early so I could go to step!  Fabulous, as ushe, and I just finished writing a huge paper for English that is due at 4:30.  I'm going to go proof read it one last time in a little bit, but I just wanted to say hi and apologize for the lack of pictures recently!  I don't have much time but felt that a grocery trip picture show was in order!
Sunday I went to WF and it was so great! Well, duh, it's Whole Foods, my mothership, of course it's going to be!  I went after working out and eventhough it was around 12:30-ish they had an omelet bar set up! It was so pretty.  They had regular eggs, eggology eggwhites, eggbeaters, and even egg substitute for Vegans! And every type of veggie/cheese/soy cheese/meat/soy-meat and anything else you could ever want.  I overheard one woman ask for something (couldn't hear what, exactly, she was asking for) but they noticed they didn't have the item and replied, "that's the beauty of being in a supermarket!"  How cute is that?  Unfortunately, I didn't get an omelet, seeing that I had already eaten breakfast and had just finished my workout/wasn't hungry yet (I told you my classic cc+fruit fills me like nothing else!).  We were really low on food, so I stocked up, and didn't have time to take a picture!  However, I did manage to snap a few from last week's trip!  So enjoy !  (Keep in mind that this is for a family of fouand despite the fact that it probably looks like a ridiculous amount of food, I'm always having to run out to supplement a couple of times throughout the week... Not complaining though; I love being my family's market bitch.  My dad also goes to our regular supermarket to get other stuff: My brother's cereal (he's a cereal freak...I'm going to take a picture of his Cereal cabinet in the kitchen just to show you guys! It's ABSURD) and Lactaid CC (yay), Lactaid milk (Jim's), etc.  That stuff is so much cheaper at regular markets! Ok, enough of $ talk... Sorry, I, personally hate talking about $.  It drives me nuts and it's not very polite!

Fruit :) 2 Watermelons, 3 Honeydews, 2 Cantaloups, 2 containers organic strawberries, 5 kiwis, 2 containers grape tomatoes

Cut fruit for James' lunch! (He likes to keep this at work)


Veggie Freak Alert! (PS) Do you like the rose? Just for you! 
We Have: Asparagus (I wanted to get the purple ones, but maybe when they go down in price a little...$7.99 a lb!), Kale, Brussel Sprouts (<3!),>

Protein stuff: Eggs, Ground Chicken Breast, Turkey Meatloaf, Firm Tofu, Smart Strips Chik'n + Beef, Quorn Cutlets, WF Turkey Breast, Mahi Mahi Frozen Fillets

Prepared Stuff: ANNIE's Rasberry Vinagrette Dressing, Quorn Cutlets, Smart Strips Chik'n + Steak, 2 WF salads (the best salad bar ever): 1 for my dinner when I have class til 9pm on thursdays + 1 for my mommy's lunch!, WF Cranberry Tuna Salad for Jim's lunch, 2 X WF Ginger-Shitaki Chicken Salad (UNBELIEVABLE.) Great for quick lunches/dinners! And two types of sushi (for the brother): Spicy Tuna + Avocado (Brown Rice), Eel + Cucumber (Purple Multigrain Rice...so pretty!)

Sushi Close-up

Salad Toppers for my mom to take to work!

Organic Pastry Flour, Z Bars, LUNA bars (Jim/Dad takes to work), Zone Bar
The first time I bought these for him he was like, "Umm, These are for women..." LOL, I think that's weird and kind of discriminating...
Nosey Mylo! (He loves WF too! Obvi...He's my cat!)

Many of you have heard me discuss the GNU Bars...I'm obsessed with them.  Their nutritional stats are unbelievable, in my opinion, and these two flavors are my favorites.  The Orange Cranberry literally smells and tastes just like orange zest/juice! It's fantastic and I highly recommend them! (I get mine at GNC/Vitamin Shoppe because my WF doesn't always have them...laaaame Created by Jaime)

New bar! Really bad...Refrain from purchasing, lovebugs...

Good Nutritionals though! (Shame they stank)

My Multi-Vitamin

And last but CERTAINLY not least! The most A.mazing tea ever! I am already 1/2 way through the pack and I drink decaf tea all day, all the time.  I don't do caffeine as a general preference so I love tea for its flavor not it's "boost"... It's such a relaxer for me. I let this tea steep for hours sometimes (if I can stand it) and the smells are out of this world.  The taste is pure joy.  Mmm! You must try it! (It's times like these I wish we had blog-smellivision)

I took my test and did very well! Yay! I'm now off to bed. Step tomorrow morning, so excited.  And then work, home and more work! I'll be posting food pics tomorrow!
Night night

(PS) I cut my finger at work today... And I'm not posting a pic bc it's G.R.O.S.S. 
Unless you want me to 


Anonymous said...

Post a picture!!!

Im my familys super market bitch, too ;)


Simple and Divine said...

Can you not see the pics I posted?!

Or was there something else you wanted a pic of? Let me know! :) Happy Hump Day loverbuns

VeggieGirl said...

Wow, you ARE quite busy!! Looks like a great grocery haul there - lots of great finds!

Whole Foods = my second home :0)

Simple and Divine said...

Oh Liz, I knew we were meant for eachother... <333
Did you see my comment that I signed with "WF loooove"?? haha have a wonderful humpday :) I hope the sun is shining!

Irbas said...

i love love love whole foods! i wish i went there more often as it is only like 10 minutes from my house but my stop&shop is only like 2 minutes away so i tend to go to that yuck mkt instead yuckkkk

looks like you got some of my favorite fruits especially MANGO! yummmmmm

Jennifer said...

All that fruit! I want it!

Oh, my kitties do that with bags too, before we can even get them unpacked!

ashley said...

I <3 Whole Foods. I want to work there. Quit my job and work there as a cashier. Ahh.... The pictures look like a taste of heaven! You've got some good stuff!

I want a pic of the finger! (and I hope you feel better... :)

Simple and Divine said...

irbas: I love mango ToO!!! <33 But I like mine with a little more chew to it. Unless it's in a smoothie! Then I like it SUPER ripe and frozen! HOLY YUM right?!

Jennifer: Yeah, Mylo got INSIDE of one of my bags today...Like FULLY...I'm posting a pic later ;)

Ashley: Bahaha you crack me up! I feel SO gross posting one...But OK, if you insist! I want to make sure other's wont mind tho! And I would LOVE to work there too! Mike is a buyer for them and he gets the most INSANE benefits for everything---They treat their employees like GOLD and starting at 10.00 an hour no matter what you do!! I make 8...lol, but whatevs. :-\ You know what I'd REALLY like to be...A taste tester for WF! *drooooool

Anonymous said...

cute post! I wish I had a WF close to me. My bro used to work at one. Up until I moved here to train, I ALWAYS had one close by. bummerrrrrr
there is one, but it's 20 min away and im never in the area....someday i'll go!

Simple and Divine said...

Emma: At least you have a TJs right?! I absolutely adore TJ's, and sometimes I prefer it if I don't want to see everyone I've ever known since I was in diapers ;)
Also, it's so much more intimate and low-key you know? WF can be a bit of a froo-froo zone sometimes. Enjoy your day and tell your mom she's famous :)